Daily 3-Bet: War Gambles, Erik123 Goes $2k to $1m, Stacked PNIA

PNIA brad garrett
Big-stack Brad Garrett on PNIA

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at what the army could learn from gambling, an epic Erik123 story and a stacked table on Poker Night in America.

1) Sexton on War & Gambling

There’s an analogy that can be made between gambling and… pretty much anything.

Mike Sexton
Veteran Mike Sexton

Task & Purpose, a veterans website, featured Mike Sexton in an article this week where the PartyPoker ambassador explained what the military can learn from gambling.

Sexton, who himself served in the military from 1970-72, mentioned that both war and gambling provide incomplete information:

You can’t control the outcome. You can’t control the luck factor. You can’t control what card comes off the deck. All you can do is make the best decisions when and where you can. On the poker table it’s about putting money into the pot with your best hand.
The battlefield is no different.

Interesting stuff. You can check out the complete article on Task & Purpose right here.

2) Erik Sagström Epic $2k to $1m Run

Swedish pro Erik “Erik123” Sagström is a legend in the high-stakes community and was one of the first online players to really crush the game.

Erik Sagstrom
Erik Sagström

We had no idea just how meteoric his rise in online poker was, however, until this week when a purported childhood friend of Sagström on TwoPlusTwo poker forum posted about Sagstrom's early days of poker.

CrazyJim wrote that Sagström got started on a play money site called GPKR that was actually a PhD thesis project for teaching an AI to play poker.

When Sagström graduated high-school he received a $2,000 graduation gift, which he promptly deposited on PartyPoker.

It turned out to be the best gift ever because Sagström was able to run that $2k up to $1,000,000 and was effectively rolled for whatever he wanted to play at that point in time.

Now of course this has not been confirmed by Sagström but it’s definitely believable.

3) Garrett, Tilly, Mercier on Poker Night in America

Going through WSOP withdrawals? Need some TV poker action?

Poker Night in America’s got you covered.

The TV show is running a very compelling $25/$50 cash game today with Brad Garrett, Jennifer Tilly, Jason Mercier, Ryan Fee and others looking to run it up.

Great stuff:

Watch live video from PokerNightTV on www.twitch.tv

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