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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at the Sao Paulo Mets earning a much-deserved spot in the GPL playoffs, Griffin Benger talking Blue Jays and WSOP and Doug Polk analyzing a hand from Rounders.

1) Sao Paulo Mets in GPL Playoffs

How about some love for the Brazilians (not to mention Byron Kavermann and Darren Elias)?

Nevermind the haters.

The Sao Paulo Metropolitans, headed by team manager Andre Akkari, locked their spot up in the GPL playoffs earlier today.

The Mets were one of the more underrated teams in the inaugural season of the GPL but they’ve been very, very good in the tough Americas conference.

Earlier today the Mets’ Joao Pires Simao beat Montreal Nationals Jason Lavellee 2-1 to clinch the team’s playoff spot.

The Mets will join the LA Sunset and the aforementioned Nationals in the playoffs. Still waiting on one more team to qualify in the Americas. Eurasia is still very undecided with only the Moscow Wolverines officially clinching a spot.

Here’s Akkari putting the doubters on blast after the Mets qualified:

2) ESPN Goes In-Depth with Griffin Benger

Bernard Lee has a solid piece on former Counter-Strike champ Griffin Benger up today that details how he nearly skipped the 2016 WSOP Main Event.

Griffin Benger
Mr. ShaGuar himself.

It’s a good piece all around but we were particularly interested in Benger’s answer when Lee asked him to choose between winning the WSOP Main Event and his beloved Toronto Blue Jays.

Benger’s answer:

“I’m a diehard Blue Jays fan. If the Jays get back to the World Series, it would be great for them to win, but their future is bright. Although I would love the Blue Jays to win the World Series, $8 million is a lot of money, and I may never have another chance again. I will probably never make the November Nine again. So, as much as I love the Blue Jays, I’m hoping for me to win. I was so grateful to have this opportunity and hope to capture the title and bring it back to Toronto.”

Fair enough. Check out the article here.

3) Polk Analyzes Mike McD Hand from Rounders

This is pretty fun.

Doug Polk, who’s posting a ton of free poker content lately, has been analyzing the hands played in seminal poker flick Rounders.

In today’s video Polk analyzes the huge laydown Mike McDermott made in one of the final hands of the film and why it might not have been the best decision:

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