Daily 3-Bet: Tran Blindside, Panda Flop, Railing Raptor

Panda monium at November Nine
Silly panda.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a fur suit, a tray of gin-and-tonics and the smartsl to just stay in the crowd and enjoy the afternoon poker news Super Bowl.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find JC Tran prepared for almost everything at the WSOP Main Event final table except being card dead, a comical attempt to storm the ESPN stage by a human panda and a special moment for one of David Benefield's fans.

1) JC Tran: "I Wasn't Prepared to Be Card Dead"

With three months to build your strategy before the World Series of Poker Main Event final table gets underway you have time and resources to plan for almost anything. Hyper-aggressive play. Physical tells. Rowdy rails. Marginal decisions.

As one of the most experienced players at the table - and the chip leader coming in - you knew JC Tran had his game in optimal shape and was ready for almost anything when they hit the felt.

What he didn't see coming? A terrible run of cards like he'd never seen at a final table before.

The result? A fifth-place finish but a $2.1m payday and a classy, reflective and inspiring exit interview. Count us among the many rooting for him to get right back there next year:

2) Human Panda Flops in Streaking Attempt, Escorted Out of Rio

Oh, Panda.

If you were following along with the live stream or the virtual Twitter rail you're well familiar with the "human panda" who was part of Jay Farber's rail party last night.

Drinking heavily, as pandas do, it seemed only a matter of time before he/she made a move we'd all be talking about today. After about $6,000 was put on the table by a group of well-off poker pros, it did. But not the way the panda hoped.

Trying to hop the barrier and crash the ESPN final table set the panda face-planted twice, lost his head and, eventually, was escorted out of the Rio by security. Photo essay below:

Panda monium at November Ninepandagetsreadygopandagopandadown

3) Kevin Boudreau Gives Raptor Fist Pump

While most of the output on Twitter feeds last night was filled with smug entitlement or disproportionate vitriol, at least one positive tweet made it out into the world care of Tom Dwan:

Boudreau, who suffered a brain aneurysm at the World Series of Poker this summer and has been recovering slowly since, is a long-time friend of both Dwan and November Niner Benefield.

Best wishes to him and his family on his continued recovery.

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