Daily 3-Bet: Torpedo-ing Mercier, Cali Baby Steps, GPL Cold War

Jason Mercier WSOP 2
Come at me, bro.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a unified chant, a hand-made placard and no quit in the fight for afternoon poker news justice.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Mike McDonald roadblocking Jason Mercier's march to $1.8m, California online poker edges forward and a classic stand-off in the Global Poker League.

1) "I Hope You Get Lit Up"

Just when you thought the "Jason Mercier Goes for $1.8m" story couldn't get any more interesting, Mike "Timex" McDonald enters the picture.

After another impressive final-table performance from Mercier last night (he finished 8th), those who have bought out Vanessa Selbst's side of the $1.8m bet must be feeling even more antsy today.

One of those purchasers appears to be McDonald who, rather than sit back and watch his money melt away, came up with a novel plan: make the fields tougher (or at least bigger) for Mercier to get through:

At least that seems like McDonald's objective. Or at least Mercier seems to think so:

The Summer of Mercier continues, and the plot thickens. He'll be back in action for Day 2 of the $2,500 Omaha Mixed/7 Stud event today and you can follow along on WSOP.com here.

2) Hurdle Cleared, Assembly Floor Awaits

Inch by inch.

Some good news from California to report:

Bill AB 2863, which would legalize online poker in America's most populous state, passed a California Assembly Appropriations Committee vote this morning to send it on to the full Assembly for its next vote.

A promising sign, although still not without its obstacles. Among them are the clarity of regulations, the $20m penalty for bad actors and the use of old player lists from companies that operated in the state from 2006-2011.

A coalition of Native tribes led by the Pechanga and Agua Caliente also still are opposed to the bill and its language as it stands.

The bill will need to be amended before its next vote and will need 2/3 support to pass, but a vote forward is a vote forward.

Read more about the bill here and get involved in the fight by using the hashtag #Fight4Poker and contacting your local representatives.

3) Let's Play Two

The continually evolving Global Poker League had a sweet doubleheader on tap today and, if you were watching this morning, you already saw the San Francisco Rush's Anton Wigg take on the Paris Aviators' Mike Leah.

That match is in the books (watch it here) and they're just about to start the nightcap, which is a pretty scintillating match-up of some famous old rivals. 

Specifically, Bryn Kenney of the New York Rounders will battle Anatoly Filatov of the Moscow Wolverines in this modern incarnation of the Cold War.

They won't be lobbing nuclear missiles over the iPads at each other but there will likely be plenty of fireworks as both are great talkers and big personalties. Check it out below:

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