Daily 3-Bet: Timex-JMerc Détente, DNegs Defurred, Mind of a Fedor

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The kid in Kid Poker returns.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a warm cloth, a razor-sharp straight blade and an impeccable shearing in the afternoon poker news barber chair.

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Today in the 3-bet we find a stand-down in the Jason Mercier-Mike McDonald stand-off, Daniel Negreanu follows JMerc's lead and Fedor finds his sweet spot.

1) The Spirit of the Bet

An intriguing twist in the Jason Mercier $1.8m side-bet saga was introduced by Mike "Timex" McDonald yesterday but today, it seems, there's been a change of heart.

The long and short of it was Timex was looking to stake players in upcoming events to make Mercier's road to 3 bracelets a little tougher.

Mercier, and others, found it against the spirit of the bet and said so. Timex, to his credit, stood down:

Whatever his opposition Mercier's heater is real, though, and he's knocking on the door of yet another final table today as he's among the final 13 in Event #36. Follow the updates here.

2) Be Like Merc

Jason Mercier started the 2016 World Series of Poker by bricking his first nine events. He then shaved his beard and went on one of the most absurd heaters in WSOP history - one that's still ongoing.

When something works that well, even the best jump on board:

3) Also Be Like Fedor

Something tells us Elliot Roe's coaching schedule is going to be pretty busy for the next 5 years or so after this tweet from the sizzling Fedor Holz:

If you'd like to catch Fedor's motivated mind in action you can right now as he's facing off against fellow German poker genius Igor Kurganov in the GPL Cube. Check it out below:

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