Daily 3-Bet: Tailing Fedor, Big DNegs Bets, Dope Jacket

Fresh haircut? Check.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a relaxing scalp massage, a hint of product and just the right amount off the top and sides of the afternoon poker news coiffure.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an inside look at the life of a champion, Daniel Negreanu bets big on himself and Waraire Boswell goes for timeless poker style.

1) Fedor Gets Primed

If you don't already know about it, this Wednesday sees the launch of the first-ever Poker Masters, an intriguing new five-event High Roller series developed by Poker Central.

Fedor Holz IMG 3504
Primed to win?

The nuts and bolts:

  • Dates: Sept 13-20
  • Events: Four single-re-entry $50k prelims + one $100,000 Championship freezeout event
  • Play: 7-Handed with 30-second shot clock; no sunglasses, headphones or phones
  • TV: Airs everyday on PokerGO app
  • Winner: Highest earner over all 5 events wins Purple Jacket

Needless to say, it's going to be a sick week of poker; subscribe to PokerGO to watch it all happen live. 

Check the Poker Masters website for all the details.

If you're looking for some cool complementary coverage, Fedor Holz and his Primed Mind team are also producing a behind-the-scenes documentary of Fedor's week playing the series.

It's called "In the Life of a Champion;" check the trailer below:

2) DNegs Bets on Himself

As if the bragging rights of biggest money winner and first-ever Poker Masters champion wouldn't be enough, enthusiastic participant Daniel Negreanu has also pumped the pot with some big side bets. The terms: 

So far, Daniel says, he's got bets vs. 19 players at the cap of $50,000 apiece - although he's hinted he may up it to $100k. So if he wins he collects $950,000; if any of the 19 players win he pays out $50k.

Good deal for Daniel, no? We'll keep an eye on any bet updates before things kick off on Wednesday.

3) Not Your Grandpa's Green Jacket ...

While lots of people scoffed at the idea of a Purple Jacket (too derivative of Golf, terrible color, etc...) we thought it sounded like the start of a cool new tradition. Even if the jacket - much like the traditional Green Jacket from The Masters - is a fashion disaster.

Turns out, though - jacket is gonna look pretty dope thanks to designer Waraire Boswell:

If we could pull off those loafers he's wearing in that video we'd wear them all day, everyday. Check out more of Boswell's work on his Instagram account.

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