Daily 3-Bet: Stringer's Game, Vote for JTilla, SCOOP Crushers Live

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The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is real estate you can touch, the world at your feet and a lock on all the corners of the afternoon poker news game.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Stringer Bell getting in the poker game, nominations open for the Women in Poker Hall of Fame and online crushers go live for SCOOP.

1) Idris Elba Joins Molly's Game

You might know him as Stringer Bell. Possibly as John Luther. Maybe even as Charles Miner from The Office.

molly bloom 1
Molly Bloom.

However you might recognize him you likely know actor Idris Elba pretty much makes anything watchable no matter role he's in.

We have no idea if his general level of boss-ness carries over to the poker table, but we're about to find out. Or at least if he can fake his way through a couple of poker-centric lines of dialogue.

The Hollywood Reporter reports Elba has signed on to play Molly Bloom's criminal defense lawyer in the soon-to-be-made Aaron Sorkin take on Molly's Game.

Molly's Game is, of course, poker impresario Molly Bloom's memoir about running high-stakes underground poker games with celebs and mobsters in LA and NY.

We're anxious to see how this one plays out but with Elba and Jessica Chastain on board it feels like there's a chance for something good.

2) Vote for 2016 Women in Poker Hall of Fame

Have a strong feeling towards a female poker player who deserves to be in the Women in Poker Hall of Fame?

Shirley Rosario.

This year the public has been invited to take part in the voting process for the first time ever and will act as one member of the voting panel.

The rest of the WiPHoF Board and selected members of the media/industry will also each cast 10 votes, either all to one candidate split over several candidates.

The 10 votes from the public will be split up by the percentage of the voting. You can choose between seven worthy candidates put forward by the Board:

  • Debbie Burkhead
  • Karina Jett
  • Victoria Coren Mitchell
  • Mandy Glogow
  • Shirley Rosario
  • Esther Rossi
  • Jennifer Tilly

Visit the WiPhoF website to read more about each player and to cast your vote. Voting closes May 13.

The winner with the most votes from the entire panel will officially be entered into the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in a ceremony July 6 at 11 am at the Gold Coast in Las Vegas.

3) Big-Time Aces Dig In to SCOOP 2016

As you likely know one of the biggest and most important online poker series of the year began yesterday on PokerStars.

With three buy-in levels, 55 events and $40m guaranteed the 2106 SCOOP will in all likelihood smash a few records. If you want, you can even bet on the PokerStars pro you think will earn the most leaderboard points.

Even better, with the growing popularity of Twitch, you can watch some of the game's best players try and take down a prestigious SCOOP title and learn a few things along the way.

RunItUp guru Jason Somerville, multiple COOP winner George Danzer and heads-up boss Doug Polk are just a few of the big leaguers streaming their action. Check out Danzer's stream below:

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