Daily 3-Bet: Spin & Go Monaco, #TeamAnna, Aussie Matt Mashed

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That was intense.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a crisp bow-tie, a borrowed tuxedo and 10 minutes lurking around the 5k Baccarat tables at the fanciest afternoon poker news casino in the world.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an appealing shortcut to the EPT Grand Final, Anna Khait thrives on Survivor and Aussie Matt Kirk gets mashed by Andrew Robl in the SHR cash game.

1) Spin & GO to Monaco

Having been fortunate enough to cover a few EPT Grand Finals over the years we can report that it's a pretty spectacular place to play poker.

It's pretty special.

A once-in-a-lifetime type place to play poker, even. Absurdly expensive and erudite, sure. But spectacular nonetheless.

On our own dime we never would have experienced it, of course, and that's likely the case for 99% of the world's poker players. But thanks to a new promotion on PokerStars that dream might be in reach for a few more.

Starting today special EPT Grand Final Spin & Go's will run until April 10 with buy-ins starting at €10.

If the lucky wheel spins your way you can win a package that includes a Main Event ticket, 8 nights (for two) at the five-star Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort plus $1,125 (€988) for travel expenses.

That's a sick €9,000 value. Play Spin & Gos with buy-ins of up to €500 to increase your chances even more. 

It's still a longshot. But it's a pretty nice longshot to think about. More info on the promo here; sign up for a new account via PokerListings and gain access to exclusive $1,000 freerolls.

2) Anna Khait Survives Catastrophic Reward Challenge

If you watched last night's episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng you saw one of the most chaotic, intense challenges they've ever had on the show.

Anna Khait
Survivor got real.

Playing for a reward of coffee and spices on the hottest day in Survivor history (120 degrees), three players collapsed from heat exhaustion. 

One, Caleb from the Beauty tribe, even had to be medevac-ed and removed from the game.

Poker pro Anna Khait also happens to be on the Beauty tribe and while the loss of Caleb ultimately might affect her game play she escaped relatively unscathed, at least health-wise, as she sat out the challenge. Still, it was an intense moment:

The Beauty tribe again avoided having to go to Tribal Council and after 4 episodes it looks like Khait is well positioned for a long run. She also now has a website up where you can buy a #TeamAnna t-shirt in support. Check it out here

3) We're Playing Some Poker

If you caught any of the action from the Super High Roller Cash Game last summer you know Aussie Matt Kirk was a sensation from the moment he sat down.

As he told us at the time, he bought into the $250k game "because he was bored." And the PLO pro was a bit overmatched in NLHE against some of the world's best.

He didn't shy away from action, though, and easily made for some of the most spectacular hands on the show. Case in point: This one with Andrew Robl, which drew some gasps from the table:

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