Daily 3-Bet: Smoking Hach, High-Rolling Fish, Harman Power

Joe Hachem
Salty Joe taking heat for smoking baby pic.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a high-heeled-but-fast-running power player in the unseemly afternoon world of lighthearted poker news blurbs.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Joe Hachem in trouble for a smoking baby, Mike ‘Timex” McDonald checking up on who really wins in High Roller events and Jennifer Harman taking her place among the most powerful women in Las Vegas.

1) Hachem Burned for Smoking Baby Tweet

2005 WSOP Main Event champ Joe Hachem has been raked over the coals in Australia this past week after tweeting a picture of a baby smoking a shisha.

According to the Melbourne Herald Sun, Hachem originally tweeted the pic on the left with the caption “Go blues, shisha for all, can never be too young.”

People, you know, "against" baby smoking gave him some rightfully earned flack for it, which prompted a follow-up tweet from Hachem of: “Take a chill pill man as if it’s real, geez so uptight."

Smoking baby (Photo: Herald Sun).

After a couple more days of haranguing from the public Hachem contritely capitulated today, again via Twitter:

“If my shiaha (sic) tweet from Saturday has offended anyone I sincerely apologise. It was not my intention to offend anyone let alone condone underage smoking.

“I never have and never would do that intentionally. Once again my sincere apologies.”

Read the full report from the Sun here.

2) Timex Tracks High-Roller Finishes, Results “Absurd”

High Roller and Super High Roller events are all the rage in poker these days.

The WSOPE just added a €50k re-buy, the EPT added High Roller events at all Season Nine stops and the $1 million Big One for One Drop this summer may have even overshadowed the actual Main Event.

While the events are crushing it in the media sense, the players who make up the fields are apparently not reaping the benefits.

High Roller regular Mike “Timex” McDonald tweeted he was curious about the results in these over the past few years and dug into them a little deeper.

What he found, he tweets, was surprising:

If you know him well and won't reveal the results, he says he'll show you them. Meaning we're out of luck, as we only kinda know him. And we're sharers.

McDonald finished fifth in the latest High Roller in Barcelona, earning over €215k.

3) Harman to Appear on TLC’s Vegas High Rollers

Jennifer Harman
Feel the power.

Speaking of High Rollers, she might not appear in many High Roller events (which may show just how smart she really is), but everyone in the know in poker knows just how great a poker player Jennifer Harman is.

One of the true poker heavyweights in Vegas for a long time, Harman is getting some recognition in the form of a spot on a new TLC show highlighting Las Vegas’s female power brokers.

Tentatively called Vegas High Rollers, the docu-reality series will:

“Explore the personal and professional lives of five high-powered women in Las Vegas who, according to the network, run the town through the businesses they operate and the connections they hold.”

Along with Harman, who they call “the best female poker player in Vegas, and arguably the world,” the cast includes:

  • Billionaire Mafia Enterprises owner Lana Fuchs
  • Daughter of a Mob boss Amy Hanley
  • Entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs and
  • RainCosmetics owner Lori Montoya

Eight hour-long episodes are ordered with no release date scheduled yet. Find out more here.

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