Daily 3-Bet: Sick Setups, Shove Tells, Mob Poker Bust

Russell Carson sick setup.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is just a robotic glove and auto-massage beanbag chair away from being crowned king of the afternoon poker news setups.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a bunch of online grinders getting paid off for their sick home-grinding stations, a Stanford researcher finds out a poker player's biggest tell may be in his shove and several notable poker names caught up in a New York poker bust.

1) Russell Carson, Russian Lunatic Among Sick Setup Winners

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Crazy russian.

Ever look at your feeble 13" Toshiba laptop and empty chip bag-littered "grind station" and think there's got to be a better way?

You're right. PokerStars put out the call for players to send in pictures of their sick grind setups and they certainly got back plenty for you to be inspired by.

Over 700 photos were submitted for Team Online members to vote on with 50k free FPPs op for grabs for five winners.

Those winners have now been selected and, checking out the photos, are well deserved.

Our particular favorites are the Star Trek-meets-dentist-chair setup of Canadian online legend Russell "rdcrsn" Carson and the purely insane depths one Russian lunatic was willing to go to for 50k FPPs.

Check the pic of Carson above, the Russian to the left and the rest of the submitted photos via the link here.

2) Smooth Shove, Strong Hand

Quick lesson for all the sunglasses-wearing, slack-jawed amateurs trying to stone-face after all their chips have gone into the pot. You've already blown it says Stanford researcher Michael Slepian.

A grad student in psychology, Slepian studies the way our intentions influence our movements and says the secret when it comes to poker is in the arms - not the face. As Slepian told NPR:

The shove shows all.

"We showed participants videos of professional poker players playing in the World Series of Poker, and participants watched either just players placing bets but only their faces or they watched their whole bodies or they watched just their arms pushing chips into the center of the table.

"... it turned out that people couldn't do it from just the whole body. They couldn't guess accurately how good a poker hand was. They couldn't do it for their face. In fact, they're a little bit worse than chance suggesting that the facial cues players were sort of admitting were deceptive.

"But when just looking at the arms, they could tell how good professional poker players' poker hands were."

Don't say we never did anything for you. Listen to the full clip with Slepian here.

3) Mosseri, Feldman, Edler, Trincher Named in NY Poker Bust

Vadim Trincher
Vadim Trincher

In another for the growing "poker-related bust" files, dozens of people have been charged today in a New York sting reportedly tied to a Russian "organized crime scheme."

Among the elements of the scheme were "illegal, high-stakes poker games for the rich and famous," according to the Associated Press.

Pro athletes, Hollywood celebrities and Wall Street executives were among those involved, AP says, and while authorities in New York weren't forthcoming with names at first the legal indictment is now available.

Several recognizable poker names are included in the indictment including John Hanson, Peter Feldman, Bill Edler and Abe Mosseri. A "Justin Smith" is also listed but it's yet to be confirmed as high-stakes pro Justin "BoostedJ" Smith.

Other notable names in the indictment are Russian fugitive Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, who's already under indictment for bribing Olympic figure skating judges in 2002, 2009 WPT Foxwoods champ Vadim Trincher and famed Hollywood home game organizer Molly Bloom.

More from the New York Daily News here.

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