Daily 3-Bet: Ryan Reynolds “Mediocre” at Poker, Ivey Intimidation, Sklansky Bird

Phil Ivey
Yeah you wouldn't raise him either.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at actor Ryan Reynolds hitting the poker tables, Phil Ivey intimidating an opponent and David Sklsansky’s wildly weird livestream on Twitch.tv.

1) Actor Ryan Reynolds Getting His Poker Grind On

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds, Wikipedia photo.

Ryan Reynolds' and Ben Mendelsohn's indy gambling flick Mississippi Grind opened to rave reviews at Sundance this week.

Mendelsohn and Reynolds are obviously heavily involved in the publicity for the movie and in an interview with AP, Reynolds mentioned they spent a fair amount of time at the poker tables filming the movie.

Reynolds joked that poker players would slide over to their table to try and take advantage of the celebs.

In the end he said he was fascinated by the true grinders, who will sit at a table for days if the game is good enough and grew to really like them.

The crew even shot some of the movie’s scenes at actual casinos, although they had to go during off hours from 2 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Interestingly Reynolds and Mendelsohn were taught by a “poker czar” before actually take part in some games. No word as to who it was. Alex Kravchenko?

2) Even The Nuts Aren’t Enough to Bet into Phil Ivey

You could maybe argue there are better poker players than Phil Ivey (good luck with that) but as far as pure intimidation goes no one even comes close.

Poker News reported a hand yesterday in the Aussie Millions Main Event where an opponent allegedly turned the stone cold nuts but refused to bet. The player in question simply called Ivey on the turn and river.

Phil Ivey
Beware the Ivey.

Ivey was understandably confused as the player rolled over an unbeatable broadway straight to win the pot but on the plus side he lost pretty much as little as possible thanks to the generosity of the player.

Ivey later jokingly Tweeted, “Never can be too careful.”

At the end of Day 1c Ivey finished with 84,600 chips, which put him in the top 20 chip counts. Ivey has always played well in the Aussie Millions Main Event with a 30th (2013) and 12th (2012) place finish.

3) David Sklansky Streams on Twitch.tv with Bird on Shoulder

sklansky stream
David Sklansky's Twitch.tv stream.

This is as weird as it sounds.

The Theory of Poker author David Sklansky has taken to streaming WSOP.com Poker on Twitch.tv under the screen name TwoPlusTwo_Poker.

The stream includes Sklansky talking about poker strategy while his pet bird, cat and sometimes a woman named Sue stops by to watch.

It will be interesting to see where this thing goes because Twitch.tv is full of fast-talking millennials and attractive girls but older men talking poker with a bird on their shoulder is a brand new market!

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