Daily 3-Bet: Rousso Baller, FTP Deal Closer, Mizzi Curse

Vanessa Rousso
GoDaddy girl Vanessa Rousso.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a late-afternoon, '81 Dodge Dart carpool ride in the poker news HOV lane.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Vanessa Rousso double dipping in luxury cars, Full Tilt Poker and the Bernard Tapie Group inching closer to a deal and Sorel Mizzi explaining what a poker career all means, man.

1) Vanessa Rousso Goes Luxury Car Shopping; Buys 2

The Bentley in question.

It must pay very, very well to be a GoDaddy Girl. And, you know, a successful PokerStars pro.

Vanessa Rousso tweeted on Wednesday she was in the market for a car and hit up Celebrity Cars Las Vegas, tweeting:

The guys at @celebritycarsLV showed me so many SICKO cars that it was an almost impossible decision! But I came out with TWO new cars...

Fans had to wait until today to get a look and Rousso obliged by tweeting this along with a shot of one of them – a new Bentley GT:

Wow just drove my new Bentley GT to the gym (sold Lambo) n Im in love w way it drives! #ImALuckyGirl @celebritycarsLV

Given the name dropping of @celebritycarslv in the tweets it could be some kind of kickback deal, but still. It's clearly good to be the Lady Maverick.

More on what Rousso does with her time away from poker here. Follow her on Twitter here.

2) Full Tilt Poker and Bernard Tapie Group Deal Inching Closer

Chris Ferguson
The wait is killing everybody.

When we say inching, we really do mean inching.

News on the FTP deal is in short supply these days but we didn’t want to hit the weekend without some sort of update.

BTG lawyer Behn Dayanim is still not making any comments, but the Wicked Chops Insider does say some progress was made this week:

From WCP: “According to sources, Groupe Bernard Tapie investors met in Ireland this week (we’ve been told on Wednesday) to hash out the “latest terms.”

“We had been told earlier this year that the biggest impediment to completing the Tilt acquisition was the simple fact that GBT didn’t have the money. This week’s Dublin meeting though, according to sources, included new GBT investors, and terms for that new investment money were discussed.”

The self-imposed BTG March deadline for relaunching Full Tilt Poker is likely to pass without a reborn site, but most rumors circulating over the past few weeks have been universally positive.

Full update from Wicked Chops here (no paywall this time).

3) Sorel Mizzi Gets Deep on Blessing or Curse Issue

Sorel Mizzi
Mizzi's curse: bad money decisions.

Sorel Mizzi isn't the first player you'd think of when looking for philosophical musings on the nature of poker as a career, but his latest blog post might change your mind.

Calling it his first-ever "voluntary" blog post, Mizzi delves into the oft-discussed "poker as blessing or curse" dilemna and comes out with some interesting points. An excerpt:

"I’m thankful for the opportunities poker has afforded me. That being said, there have been many times where I’ve been short on cash. In nearly every case it’s been due to atrocious bankroll management and an extreme lack of respect for money.

"I’ve been lucky to have enough well-timed favorable results to buffer my bad habits and poor decision making such as loaning money, gambling too big, betting with people who don’t pay, getting robbed, etc.

"I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t fully learned from my mistakes and continue to put myself in unfavorable situations that cause me to suffer financially."

When it comes down to it, there are few players who've been through the poker ringer as much as Mizzi has in the last few years so his take undeniably has merit. Read the full post .

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