Daily 3-Bet: Raymer Support, Annette Bore, Poker Friend Test

Greg Raymer
Not everybody willing to castigate Greg Raymer.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find that not all poker pros chose to make jokes at Greg Raymer’s expense this morning, Annette Obrestad tells us why she's on the road so much and Carlsberg sets up a few unsuspecting friends for the ultimate poker test.

1) Pros Ask for Respect in Face of Raymer Arrest

When the (originally misreported) news of Greg Raymer’s arrest on prostitution charges broke this morning, plenty of people jumped on Twitter to make nasty jokes at Raymer’s expense.

Thankfully, however, not everyone went that route. Plenty of pros chose to express support for Raymer and ask he be given some respect in a difficult time:

2) Annette: More Like Bore-way, amirite?

Annette: At home on the road.

So, after PokerListings reporter Thomas Hviid's conversation with Annette Obrestad yesterday, it’s safe to say she won't be handpicked as Norway’s tourism ambassador anytime soon.

After going deep at EPT London and on her way to Dublin to play the Norwegian National Championship (yep, you read that right), Annette explained a bit about why she’s on the road so much:

“I love travelling the world playing poker. Basically, I try to stay away from Norway as much as I possibly can so I am in the States half of the year. I think it is quite boring back in Norway, and my boyfriend is American.”

Not a ringing endorsement, really, although there may be a bit lost in translation. Either way, she’s also doing her part to save her family from some of that Norwegian ennui, bringing them all to Dublin to play some poker too:

“I will actually bring my whole family with me to Dublin on Monday. My mum, aunt and cousins will also play, so we will in total be eight of us.”

“Somehow my mum lasted managed to outlast all of us last year, so we have to make sure that will not happen again. My only goal this year will be to beat my mum (said with a smile).”

More about the still exiled Norwegian Poker Championship here (in Norwegian of course).

3) A Friend Calls at 3am, Needs $ for Poker Debt. Do You Help?

So, you’re fast asleep. A friend calls around 3am, says he’s in big trouble with a poker game and they’re holding him there until you bring him $400 to pay his debt. Do you help him?

If you're regular in the poker world, the answer is likely a snap "duh, of course. Why only $400?”

For the average joe, though, we guess it could seem like a big deal. Which is why the Belgian ad team behind several famous ad "hoaxes" put together that scenario for a new Carlsberg commercial.

Save the laughability/racism of the underground cock fight and the questionable $, still a fairly enjoyable commercial. Watch below:

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