Daily 3-Bet: Ragen Rages, Gus Flails, Lucky Savage

Gus Hansen
Oh, Gus.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a bit part, a couple lines of dialogue and a red-carpet invite to the afternoon poker news movie premier.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find German high-roller Niklas Heinecker sneaking up on a $10 million year, Gus Hansen still bleeding profusely at the online tables and Tournament Director Matt Savage still finding reasons to watch Lucky You.

1) Niklas "ragen70" Heinecker Up $9.5m in 2013

niklas heinecker winnershot2
Heinecker: Done a lot of this this year.

We're not 100% on the math but if we're adding up the numbers somewhat properly German high-roller Niklas Heinecker is rapidly approaching $10 million in poker-tournament profit for 2013.

$10 million!

Just for a bit of context, that's how much Chris Moorman - the #1 online MTT player in history - has won in his entire online career.

After another successful online session yesterday where he pocketed about $400k highstakesdb.com reports Heinecker is now up about $2.1m in November alone and up well over $5m for the year at Full Tilt Poker.

Add in his win at the live GuangDong Asia Millions in June for about $4.5m and Heinecker's on the brink of what's most likely the most successful year in the history of poker.

Given how much Germans have dominated the high-roller scene this year we now estimate roughly 40% of the entire poker world's bankroll is being spent on mautaschen and Lowenbrau deep in Bavaria.

Well played, Germans. Well played.

2) Hansen Drops Another $500k Into Poker Pool

As the saying goes for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction, and in the case of online poker that opposite reaction right now is Gus Hansen.

Gus Hansen
How can Gus still afford it?

His mind-bending downswing has been chronicled more times than he'd like this year, we're sure, but despite some signs of life recently he took another punishing at the tables last night to sink even further.

Dropping around $320k to Kyle "KPR16" Ray and another $190k to Isildur1, Hansen set fire to another half million to push him down over $11 million since FTP re-opened last year.

When we last spoke to Gus he said the losses were starting to keep him up at night. By now he must be barely sleeping at all. More from Gus here.

3) Remember Lucky You? Matt Savage Does

We've never quite wrapped our heads around "residuals" for TV and movies (so everyone who was in the movie gets a check any time it's played again?) but it's apparently still paying off for acclaimed Tournament Director Matt Savage, who played a bit part in the 2007 "poker" movie Lucky You.

So if Savage is getting $58 what's Eric Bana getting? $58,000? We need to get into movies, apparently.

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