Daily 3-Bet: Private PokerStars, Trump Poker, #shipittomama

samantha abernathy

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like a shepherd that always leads the mid-afternoon poker news flock to water.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at David Bazaav’s surprising proposal for PokerStars, Donald Trump explained by poker and #shipittomama goes global.

1) Baazov Taking PokerStars Private

Shocking news out of Amaya/PokerStars today.

david baazov
David Baazov: Man with a plan?

Apparently current CEO David Baazov has made a proposal to take the Montreal-based company private.

Baazov proposed buying the company out for C$21 a share, which set the proposed value of the company at C$4.39 billion ($3.3b USD). Amaya bought PokerStars for $4.9b USD in 2014.

Amaya’s stock has dropped 50% in the last six months so some financial experts are calling it a kneejerk reaction. The stock has already climbed back up to $19 a share after news of Baazov's plan broke.

GPI CEO Alex Dreyfus posted on Linkedin he thinks it’s good for poker players as PokerStars would be less beholden to shareholders and increasing profits.

PokerStars has spent much of its existence as a private company and it’s only been publicly listed since 2014.

2) Time Magazine Uses Poker to Explain Trump's Campaign

Trump poker
The Trump card?

Is there anything poker analogies can’t do?

Time Magazine used No-Limit Hold’em to explain Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in an article published yesterday.

As you might expect it’s a fairly vague assessment with explanations like “be unpredictable” and “play the man, not the cards” but worth checking out for a laugh.

Sadly no parallels to triple-range merging or proper ICM strategy.

Also no word on as to whether they considered “Fish on a massive heater” for a headline on the article.

We really hope they take this strategy to all the candidates. For instance Hilary Clinton is a TAG fish. You heard it hear first.

3) #shipittomama Trending World-Wide

Perhaps our favorite part of the 2016 Aussie Millions Main Event was that hand where Samantha Abernathy got a wicked slow roll (nit roll?) from local Mikel Habb then managed to spike a two-outer on the river to eliminate him.

Well it appears we’ll have a lasting memory of that hand in the form of #shipittomama.

Habb had been saying, “Ship it to Papa” for much of the tournament so Jason Somerville decided to adopt it for Abernathy after she took all Habb's chips.

Since then the phrase has actually been trending on Twitter.

It probably doesn’t hurt that Abernathy went on to finish in third place for $625k. Ship it to Mama, indeed.

You can re-live that glorious hand one more time below:

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