Daily 3-Bet: Primed Blumstein, Handsome Ben, Life w/o Nick

Handsome and good - a winning combo.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a chiseled jawline, perfect hair and just a hint of a French accent to drive the afternoon poker news fans wild.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Scott Blumstein tapping into Fedor's mind, Kitty Kuo pulls for handsome to win and Phil Galfond professes his love for Nick Schulman.

1) All the Chips & Primed Mind?

After that epic 156k pot/cooler that crushed the dreams of a million John Hesp fans last night, Scott Blumstein enters play in the Main Event today with HALF of the chips in play.

That's a pretty extraordinary advantage. And one that makes him a heavy, heavy favorite to ride this ME out to the $8.15m win.

As if that wasn't enough? He's also got the power of Elliot Roe and Fedor's Primed Mind app on his side:

Gl to the rest of the table. They're going to need it.

2) Ben Pollak: Just Handsome Enough to Pull This Off

If there is one lingering problem for Blumstein off in the distance it might be French pro Benjamin Pollak.

Starting the final table third in chips behind Hesp and Blumstein, Pollak impressed with his play and more than doubled his stack to 77m.

Now alone in second he's still 100m(!) behind but hasn't flinched under the glare of the cameras and could be the last real threat to Blumstein running away with this thing.

He also has the support of pro Kitty Kuo, who feels his general handsomeness is enough to pull him across the finish line ... as long as he can fold 52o.

3) Phil Galfond Can't Live Without Nick Schulman

Is Nick Schulman now the consensus favorite as the best poker commentator in the business?

We've been on the Takeover train since last year's Super High Roller Bowl but with the endorsement of the great Phil Galfond (and Pretzel the Dog, among others), it must be real now, yeah?

So. So. Good. Tune in to PokerGO again at 5:30 PT tonight (if you live outside the US) to hear Nick's silky sounds and sweet monologues.

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