Daily 3-Bet: Powerball Poker, Ho/Michelle Amazing Race 2, Holz Q&A

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Will Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle make an Amazing Race All-Stars appearance?

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Powerball poker, a potential Maria Ho/Tiffany Michelle return to Amazing Race and a five-hour Fedor Holz interview.

1) Poker Group Wins Powerball

Guarding the Cash Prize
Not quite $1.6b

A group of 11 poker buddies in San Joaquin County in California won Powerball last night.

No it wasn’t worth $1.6b but they did take down $779,264, which amounts to about $70,000 for each member.

"We won, I instantly went numb,” Powerball winner Phil Cullinen told Fox40 news.

The poker club picked up $220 worth of tickets at a local gas station.

Time to raise the stakes in their poker game to $25/$50.

The sickest part? The group actually has a 12th member who opted not to buy into the pool.


2) Michelle, Ho for Amazing Race All-Stars

With Anna Khait set to make her television debut on Survivor there’s another CBS reality show that might get a boost from the return of two famous poker pros.

We’re talking about the Amazing Race, which featured Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho way back in 2009.

The Amazing Race hasn’t featured an All-Star season since 2014 so there’s a good chance they’ll reboot the concept soon.

A fan Tweeted to Michelle today that he’d love see them on the program and Michelle said they’d be open to appearing again

Make it happen, CBS!

3) All About Fedor Holz

Ever wanted a five-hour interview with German poker phenom Fedor Holz?

You, my friend, are in luck.

During the PCA podcasting maniac Joey “ChicagoJoey” Ingram produced an insane 5-hour long Google Hangout with Fedor Holz that featured push-ups, fashion tips, drinking and poker MMA that arguably devolves into drunken shenanigans for the last hour or so.

Holz steals the show and definitely offers some interesting insights into life on the high roller circuit.

Slightly NSFW due to language:

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