Daily 3-Bet: Pokerlympics, Dalla v. Cleavage, HB TexDolly

Doyle Brunson
Another round for Texas Dolly.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the poker world set to take over London post-Olympics, Nolan Dalla getting tipsy with a rant of tipping etiquette and poker legend Doyle Brunson passing another mile marker.

1) £1 Million “Pokerlympics” to Fill Usain Bolt Vacuum

Olympics out, Poker in.

Take comfort, Londonites.

After the 30-day high that is the Summer Olympics/Paralympics, London was due to experience a world-class hangover until, thankfully, the London Poker Festival stepped in to fill the void.

With 8 poker rooms, 8 main events, 50 other events and £1 million in prizes, it's basically a virtual "pokerlympics" set to take over the city as soon as the flags and javelins get shipped back to Tajikistan.

Put together by Bluff Europe, here's the elevator pitch:

"Ladies and gents, in association with the card rooms of London, we bring you the London Poker Festival, a calendar of tournaments, special events and parties in which players compete sitting down and even the British weather cannot spoil.

"Alongside grassroots poker tournaments that will suit all budgets, we have some of the largest poker events in Europe with total prize money of over £1m.

"We are also putting on parties hosted by famous poker players and the distinguished, star-studded gala event that is the British Poker Awards."

Check the full schedule of events and locations here.

2) Poker Media Legend Nolan Dalla Distrusts Cleavage, Likes Butter

As anyone who knows Nolan Dalla knows, he takes his food very seriously. Very seriously.

Nolan Dalla
Unimpressed by your DDs.

Not surprisingly, he doesn’t take his overall restaurant experience lightly either.

Ripping the lid off of tipping etiquette in a new blog post, Dalla goes Negreanu all over when to tip well and when to punish your servers for, well, things like their name:

 “I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE WAITER’S NAME!  I am ordering a meal from you, not buying a fucking house."

If you’re a bartender, don’t think you’re exempt either. And your boobs won’t get you any slack:

“I better have a cocktail in my hand within about three minutes, or you are getting STIFFED.

“…If bartender is female and shows cleavage, she gets no fucking breaks. I am there to drink and watch the ball game, honey. Not to look at your rack stuffed into an undersized banana sack.“

If you enjoy salty talk and helpful guidelines for tipping when you’re on the road a lot, Dalla’s your uncle.

Word to the wise: Don’t give him any of that fake-ass butter.

3) Poker Legend Doyle Brunson Turns 79 Today

And the Twitterverse sings the godfather's prasies. Even the pool cleaners!

HB, @TexDolly. We wish you many more. (And likewise to PokerListings Battle of Malta Host Kara Scott, too)

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