Daily 3-Bet: Pizza > EPT Score, eSports Poll, Ronaldo vs. Wade II

wade vs. ronaldo II

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an absolutely clutch Echo Slam that is the talk of the mid-afternoon poker news eSports scene.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at an EPT High Roller keeping his day job, the reasons that people watch eSports and Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Dwayne Wade again.

1) Patrick Serda Keeps Pizza Job

Recent EPT €10k high-roller runner-up finisher Patrik Serda is keeping his job as a server at a pizzeria in Winnipeg, according to the CBC.

Poker is good but pizza is pizza.

Remember that Serda actually took home more money than technical winner Will Kassouf thanks to weighted heads-up deal. Therefore Serda earned a staggering €719,000 compared to Kassouf’s €532,500.

It wasn’t enough money to convince Serda to quit the pizza game, however.

"I'm super happy to go back. I love it there — great people and great regulars — and I'd be happy to go back," Serda told the CBC.

It’s always nice to hear from someone who loves their day job so much that a $1m score doesn’t convince them to leave it all behind for the poker circuit.

All that said, Serda does plan on playing the PCA and Aussie Millions next year.

2) Why Do People Watch eSports (Poker)

Why do viewers want to watch people playing video games?

DOTA2 Seattle2014
The massive DOTA 2 International tournament.

With the rise of a multi-million eSports industry it’s a big question.

Battlefy performed a survey asking that exact question and the results were illuminating and definitely work for poker as well.

It turns out the vast majority of people (89% of those polled) watch eSports because they want to get better at the game they are watching. Makes sense.

You’d have to think that a large number of the people watching Jason Somerville’s Twitch channel for instance would feel the same way.

It’s also a contrast to traditional spectator sports like the NFL or NBA where most viewers don’t usually have aspirations to throw Tom Brady touchdowns or Lebron James dunks.

3) Ronaldo, Wade Continue to #RaiseIt

Dwyane Wade and Cristiano Ronaldo continue to wage war over Twitter in PokerStars’ #RaiseIt promo.

The newest video has Ronaldo and Wade flipping a bottle upright. It’s fine but Wade steals the show with some slick dance moves.

We can’t help wondering if this is leading to an official PokerStars sponsorship for Wade in 2017 but for now that’s just speculation.

Ronaldo’s marketability for ‘Stars seems to be paying off with the recent launch of PokerStars.pt in Portugal a resounding success.

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