Daily 3-Bet: Pineapple Phelps, $10k OMG, Top 5 Hero Calls

Any time is the right time for Pineapple.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a perfectly timed start, a dazzling split time and plenty of juice left for the afternoon poker news sprint to the tape.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Michael Phelps shadow-boxing with a pineapple app, a rare gem of US currency and the greatest hero calls in EPT history.

1) Ready-Room Pineapple

We've speculated on how successful Michael Phelps' career in poker might be now that his swimming career is over but, as it turns out, he didn't even wait to retire before getting a few hands in.

During that now famous moment at the Rio Olympics when rival Chad le Clos was shadow boxing in front of him before one of their races, Phelps was actually grinding out a few hands on a Pineapple app:

Ball. er. Watch the video with Phelps describing the moment here.

2) ($10,000) Dollar Dollar Bill, Y'All

We love fat stacks and slick plaques as much as the next poker player but the idea of seeing one of these (or a stack of them) on the table while we play poker makes our hearts flutter:

The bill comes from the collection of high-stakes player Alan Richardson, Tilly says, and according to another commenter worth much more now:

3) Behold the Master at Work

The LeBron chase down block? The Mike Trout wall climb home-run robbery? The super-ballsy no-look behind-the-back table tennis save?

We don't know exactly what the poker hero call equates to other sports but it's by far one of our favorite moments in poker. Especially when it comes at a critical moment under the blazing hot EPT lights.

Enjoy these again (or for the first time)! Our personal fave is the Erik Seidel "take Dzmitry Urbanovich's lunch money" move w/ J-high. What's yours?

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