Daily 3-Bet: Pantling v. DNegs, Pirate Chips, Doyle 80th

Daniel Negreanu
Pantling on Negreanu: Not the best ambassador.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is three fingers of rum, a mutton leg and a quiet nap in the crowsnest before a brazen raid on the afternoon poker news cargo ship.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find 2013 EPT Grand Final runner-up Andrew Pantling taking a few jabs back at Daniel Negreanu, a pirate-themed set of poker chips that may be the worst best poker set ever and wish a happy belated birthday to the poker godfather Doyle Brunson.

1) Pantling: Negreanu Represented Himself, PokerStars Poorly

Poker media vet Remko Rinkema posted a looong interview yesterday with Matchbook CEO and EPT Grand Final runner-up Andrew Pantling that's, well, great.

Andrew Pantling
Pantling: Over it.

It covers a ton of ground, from Pantling's early days as a cap-game killer on Full Tilt to his unorthodox style to the sportsbetting needs of poker's highest rollers. He also takes a few jabs at Daniel Negreanu.

Quick flashback: Both Pantling and Negreanu were at the EPT Grand Final FT. Negreanu busted in fourth, joined the live-stream commentary and took some shots at Pantling's play.

As Pantling told Rinkema, he wasn't impressed (although says it wasn't a big deal). He does say, though, that Negreanu did a disservice to fans and the PokerStars brand:

"... as a brand ambassador for PokerStars, I think he represented himself and the company quite poorly. If I was a true amateur, I wouldn’t be overly keen to play poker on TV if I felt that a well-known PokerStars ‘pro’ was going to publicly criticize my abilities in front of my friends and family, who were watching and know very little about poker. I know I wouldn’t want my brand, Matchbook, represented like that."

There's a lot more and it's all worth reading; fair warning though it might be dark when you're through. Check it out here.

2) Want to Play Poker with Gold Dubloons?

Poker night now ruby Tuesday.

Hey, ever got the urge to surprise your home-game pals by swapping out the normal chip set and replacing it with solid metal gold-plated dubloons, diamonds and rubies?

Yep. We haven't either.

Still, Australian designers Jack Allwood and Kyle Jarratt aren't deterred and have launched a new crowdsourced fundraiser to build some sets on demand.

Basically there are a few options from a 60-piece set up to a 500-piece set including 250 coins, 125 rubies and 125 diamonds (plus dealer chip, cards and a wooden chest).

They say they're guaranteed to make your poker night way more fun; we say they're guaranteed to up the booty and arrrr jokes to an unbearable level.

PokerListings reporter Arthur Crowson is all over them though. The weight of the coins also seems nice.

Check their pozible fundraiser page here and watch their video here.

3) Doyle Turns 80, Still Loved the World Over

Doyle Brunson
Doyle: Still crushing at 80.

Before we get any further into the week we need to right an egregious oversight from over the weekend.

The godfather of poker, Doyle Brunson, turned 80 on Saturday and beyond a tweet from us (albeit a nice one) we've yet to mention it here on PokerListings.

Consider the wrong righted.

As you might have guessed, the congratulatory tweets rolled in from far and wide reminding us again how much we owe Brunson for much of what poker is today. Take it away, Tweeters:

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