Daily 3-Bet: Outplaying the Boys, Frog Legs Bet, Dream Realized

frog legs bet
Bon appetite!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a perplexing invitation to the mysterious mid-afternoon poker news game.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at the remarkable life of female poker player/gambler Cat Hulbert, a Poker Brat game of charades and one retiree getting to live their dream at the 2016 Battle of Malta.

1) Cat Hulbert: “Women Innately Better at Poker”

The BBC published an in-depth feature about fascinating female poker pro/gambler Cat Hulbert this week.

cat hulbert
Cat Hulbert's book Outplaying the Boys.

Hulbert was one of the few female players to play on a blackjack team in the early 90s and later transitioned into poker.

Card Player ranked her as one of the world’s top Seven-Card Stud players in 1996 and even published a book called “Outplaying the Boys: Poker Tips for Competitive women”.

“Playing poker is like taking a drug that makes everything fascinating,” she explained to the BBC.

It’s safe to say Hulbert dealt with her share of adversity in a gambling world dominated by men. In later years she was also diagnosed as bipolar and then was stricken with cancer.

Despite everything Hulbert said that the gambling lifestyle worked for her and gave her a sense of freedom over the years that she didn’t find elsewhere.

2) Hellmuth, Esfandiari Eat Frog Legs on TV

That Final Table show with Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandiari and Joe Stapleton has certainly produced some noteworthy video clips over its short lifespan.

If nothing else we’ve got to thank it for giving us the following episode, which features Hellmuth and Esfandiari eating frog legs thanks to a bet.

Hellmuth does OK but Esfandiari is forced to eat raw frog legs at the end of the episode (about 42:00) and let's just say it's a struggle.

3) Sally Stephens Lives Dream at Battle of Malta

Speaking of inspirational women. Retiree Sally Stephens is in the midst of a bucket-list trip to travel the globe and play poker.

Her trip got off to a fantastic start thanks to a big score at the PokerListings Battle of Malta in November.

Stephens finished runner-up in the €1,200 Grandmaster High Roller event to pick up €25,000 and a coveted BOM trophy.

We wish her the best of luck on the rest of trip, which includes tournaments in Australia and the Czech Republic.

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