Daily 3-Bet: Olympic Snub, Gold Tips, WCOOP Deets

Jamie Gold
Jamie Gold gives the people what they want: Free poker strategy advice.

The PokerListings Daily 3-bet is a multi-tiered medal platform featuring today’s three biggest standout poker stories.

Today in the 3-Bet we bring you sad news for people promoting poker as an Olympic event, rad news for players looking to cash in on Jamie Gold’s poker experience and a look at the upcoming World Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars.com.

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1) 2012 Olympic Games Starting; Still No Poker

We'€™ve been hearing people talk about the absolutely ridiculous completely reasonable idea that poker should be included in the Olympics for years.

And now with the 2012 Games just days away proponents of that plan have to shaking their heads, ruing the International Olympic Committee'€™s decision to once again bar poker from the most prestigious sporting event on the planet.

Roberto Luongo
Roberto Luongo knows a thing or two about Olympic sports.

A petition to get poker into the Games has been floating around since 2007 but has gained only 266 signatures.

Some weight to the idea that poker could be a sport came in 2010 when poker was accepted into the International Mind Sports Association, alongside other mental aerobic exercises like chess and bridge.

It's a big jump from mental sport to Olympic-level competition but it seems like no matter what ill-advised idea someone comes up with, there'€™s going to be at least a small group of fanatical supporters.

Barry Greenstein broke it down best (quoting someone else) when he told us, "€œIf you can gain weight while doing it, it'€'s not a sport."

Bodybuilders and competitive eaters may disagree with that statement but it'€™s good enough for us.

2) Jamie Gold Wisdom Free on Twitter

2006 world champion of poker Jamie Gold’s poker advice but now his wisdom is available for free.

All you have to do is follow him on Twitter.

Gold roared to prominence when he won the biggest WSOP Main Event in history, defeating 8,773 and winning $12 million, and he did it in spectacular fashion.

Gold out-talked, out-played and definitely out-rungooded his competition in a wire-to-wire victory the likes of which we'€™ve not seen since. Now you can get a look at how he did it with just a few clicks of the mouse.

But if the first strategy post is any indication, you might need more than Gold'€™s Twitter-tips to attain super-stardom.

We're expecting his next tip to cover the groundbreaking concept that a pair against two overcards is a coin flip.

3) 2012 WCOOP Schedule Up (Sans Guarantees)

PokerStars released the schedule for the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker but still hasn'€™t attached prize-pool guarantees to any of the events.

If you'€™re concerned about this we'€™ve got just one thing to say: Don'€™t be.

Shaun Deeb
After four SCOOP titles in 2012 Shaun Deeb is salivating for the WCOOP.

Guarantees or no guarantees the WCOOP is going to be enormous. We guarantee it?

Last year the WCOOP generated over $47 million in prizes with the winner of the main event walking away with over $1.26 million.

This year the WCOOP will be comprised of 62 events spread over 22 days starting September 2. Events run the gamut from No-Limit Hold’em to less common variants like Triple-Draw and Badugi.

The series concludes with a $5,200 main event which carries the only guarantee announced so far, a minimum of $1 million for the winner.

But according to the PokerStars Blog this is a “working schedule” and there is still room for tweaking. Stars is inviting players to get in touch with ideas and feedback. Email wcoop@pokerstars.com to make your voice heard.

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