Daily 3-Bet: Obst Owns, Degrassi Theory, Shaun the Player

James Obst
Aussie kingpin James Obst.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an alien abduction, hostile company takeover and scandalous pregnancy all wrapped up nicely in one three-blurb episode of afternoon poker news melodrama.

Any suggestions for a future 3-Bet, feel free to drop a note in the comments.

Today in the 3-Bet we find Australia’s own James Obst dominating as the Aussie Millions main event winds closer to its final table, a new poker series taking some serious cues from the Degrassi school of melodrama and world-renowned WSOP favorite Shaun the Dealer setting his sights on a bigger goal.

1) Obst Leads Ivey, Antonius as Aussie Millions Field Shrinks

Phil Ivey
Can Ivey track down Obst?

Adelaide's James "andy McLEOD" Obst has been playing poker since he was 14 years old.

Now in his early 20s, he's going on a decade in poker that's made him one of the most respected - and richest - online poker players in Australia.

He's still missing his first major live title though -- something that could change quickly if he can hold the course in the ongoing Aussie Millions main event.

With just 69 players left and over 1 million in chips, Obst has double that of everyone in field save four players.

Can he hold on and take home the $1.6 million first-place prize and elusive major title as he considers the end of his poker-playing days? Will poker icons Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius - both still in the game and withing striking distance with around 300k - rein him in?

Tune in to our news coverage tonight to see how it plays out. Read our full interview with Obst from the floow of the Aussie Millions today here.

2) Game Theory Gives Poker Degrassi Treatment

There's a lot to like about the new web series Game Theory. First, what it is:

"A dramatic web series following the life of a rounder after the federal crackdown of online poker. Struggling to make ends meet, he is forced to move back home and start from scratch.

"Seen as a failure by his father, he is determined to succeed. He turns to live cash games to build a bankroll, but with no money and max stress, the stakes are high as he puts his skills to the test."

The subject matter's obv. pretty relevant. And the poker isn't royal-flush-beats-quads-beats-full-house styles. It's better than that.

Where's not to like? Well, the overwritten dialogue isn't doing it any favors. And the abusive-janitor dad is only one of the Degrassi High factors going on.

Still, we wish any poker undertaking success. Two episodes are in the can with Ep. 3 in the works. Check the pilot and Ep. 1 below; donate to the cause here.

3) Shaun the Dealer Aims Higher

Shaun Harris and Jack
Shaun the Player?

If you've followed the live World Series of Poker coverage in the last few years you've likely come across the name Shaun the Dealer.

In a sea of often new-and-struggling dealers, Shaun Harris is a player fav. Deadly accurate and blazing fast, when players sit down at his table they notice the difference immediately. And they almost always say something about it.

At the top of his game and in the dealing rotation for the most prestigious final table in the world, there's not much further Shaun can go in dealing.

Thankfully, he has other plans. In a great piece on the PokerStars blog, Harris reveals he's been doing more than just slinging cards all these years.

He's been picking up tips from the greatest players in the world and he may be ready to jump to the other side of the felt for good.

"There are times when we have down time that I ask a simple question because I'm curious," Harris says."I get information that people would actually pay top dollar for. I get it for free, and I want to do something with it."

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