Daily 3-Bet: Newsweek Welp, Talking Selbst, PokerNight Pro Parade

Cherish Andrews
Cherish Andrews: New face for Poker Night in America.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a beacon in the sky, a quick outfit change and not a moment to spare in the race to save afternoon poker news.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Newsweek magazine getting fast and loose with the facts about online poker, Vanessa Selbst steps in again as a voice of reason and poker pros near and far answer the Poker Night in America bat signal.

1) Newsweek Gets Nasty, Deceptive About Online Poker

So this happened a few hours ago, and tbh we're not quite sure if we should even direct you to read it as it's already got more attention than it should.

It's terribly one-sided, wildly inaccurate in many places, littered with hyperbole and, above all, extremely manipulative with its cover shot to further a clear anti-online gambling agenda from somwhere deep in the bowels of the Newsweek organization.

No one's taking the dangers of underage or addictive gambling lightly, but that it is one very misleading piece of mainstream journalism. Several notable figures in the poker world didn't appreciate it much either:

2) Vanessa Selbst to the Rescue (Sort Of)

Speaking of Selbst, we can at least take solace that one of poker's most well-spoken and trusted emissaries will be on TV today to provide some counter-balance to Newsweek's agenda.

If you missed her last appearance on Bloomberg on women in poker/crossovers with investing, watch it here.

3) Hellmuth, Tilly, Laak, Boeree and More on Next Poker Night

Jennifer Tilly
JTilla in the house.

Meanwhile, back in the poker world...

The hardworking folks at Poker Night in America put out the call a while ago for a filming session at Turning Stone Casino in New York this weekend and, man - did the big guns step up to support it.

New faces joining the two-day cash game:

  • Jennifer Tilly
  • Liv Boeree
  • Phil Laak
  • Phil Hellmuth
  • Jesse Sylvia
  • Film critic Richard Roeper (!)
  • Cherish Andrews

Poker Night regulars Shaun Deeb and Gavin Smith will also be there as will potential game-crashers Andy Frankenberger, Greg Ostrander and more.

Sounds like another great one; check the CBSSportsNet listings for all the action as it airs later in the year.

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