Daily 3-Bet: Mortensen Mojo, FTP 1%ers, Poker Bromance

Carlos Mortensen: Takes forever but gets it right.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Day 6 of the 2013 WSOP Main Event bringing out Carlos Mortensen's run-good mojo, the Full Tilt Poker remissions process well underway with a surprisingly low number of petitions filed and we remind ourselves how enjoyable a poker movie California Split is.

1) Mortensen Avoids Trouble, Sets Up Final-Table Run

Last week Salon.com picked up an article about "ESPN Ruining Poker" that argued its emphasis on heartwarming storylines and all-ins was killing the game. The premise was it missed out on the true nuances of tournament poker and poker as a skill game in favor of the lucky and/or dramatic.

Which may be true, sure. But far from "ruining" poker ESPN's Main Event coverage probably does more for the game every year than every other poker media entity combined. It's just that big, just that exciting and just that accessible to the mainstream.

Case in point was last night's episode covering Day 6 as it had it all for the casual poker fan - coolers, suckouts, bad calls, big swings, clock calling, "everyman" storylines ... even another delightfully awkward Brett Richey rap.

It also gave us some quality time with Carlos Mortensen, which is always a pleasure. Call us crazy but you can keep your deep pro strategy banter for the live streams - the people want all ins and loudmouths, and god bless ESPN for finding them.

Watch the rest of the 2013 Main Event coverage from Day 3 on here.

2) Just Over 1% of FTP Eligible Accounts File Remissions So Far

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Who wants FTP money?

So, this is pretty interesting.

The long-awaited remission process for the return of Full Tilt Poker funds to US players has begun with 1.4 million emails sent to eligible players according to Claims Administrator the Garden City Group.

Only 23,500 petitions have been filed through the online filing system so far, though, meaning roughly 1.6% of those considered eligible.

Spam filters blocking emails? Lack of interest in small amounts of money? Concerns about taxes? Could be a number of reasons the volume is low but it should serve as a good reminder that:

  • a) 95% of the poker economy plays at very, very low stakes
  • b) the DOJ will get to keep a lot of seized money but not at the expense of people who had a lot invested

That's the early read on it anyway; things could change over the next couple of months as players have until Nov. 16 to file a claim.

The email notification process is now over, though, so if you didn't get one and think you should be eligible, contact the GCG here.

3) California Split: A Poker Bromance That Holds Up

While plenty of "poker movie" talk has centered around the upcoming Runner, Runner release The Onion A.V. Club is using its debut as a platform to review five better movies about gamblers.

Yesterday's cut: The 1974 Robert Altman gem California Split starring Elliott Gould and George Segal.

Segal you might know as Jack Gallo from Just Shoot Me; Gould you might know as Monica's Dad from Friends or as the punchline to a lot of old Jewish comedians' jokes.

Anyway. It's probably a top 5 poker movie in case you haven't seen it. The AV Club summed it up as "poker, hookers and Elliot Gould with a nose bandage," which is gold. Here's more:

It’s a bromance predicated on a shared addiction to the thrill of the high-stakes win, and Altman dramatizes their union with his usual overlapping-dialogue acuteness.

Conversations flow so naturally and messily that the film exudes a ragamuffin charm, bolstered by the director’s canny use of quick cutaways and evocative framing.

Find the full movie on Netflix.

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