Daily 3-Bet: Mizzi Death Swim, Annie Duke of Survivor, All-WSOP Fantasy

Annie Duke, Daniel Negreanu

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a form-fitting speedo, designer arm floaties and one hand at all times on the afternoon poker news support boat.

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Today in the 3-Bet Sorel Mizzi bets he can swim 3 miles off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Daniel Negreanu makes an apt analogy between Annie Duke and a current Survivor castaway and we (and others) pick our (their) horses for 2014 WSOP Fantasy domination.

1) Buy Out, Sorel. Buy Out

The bet:

Some context:

The general consensus from the Twitter public:

We second the support boat wholeheartedly. Something we support even more? Buying out before you even try.

Ocean swimming is really f'ing hard. Buy out, man. Buy out.

2) #ChaosKass = Annie Duke?

We've been following this season of Survivor closely (despite poker pro Garrett Adelstein's head-shaking early departure) but still had a hard time figuring out just what it is about Kass McQueen that feels so eerily familiar. Then Survivor aficionado Daniel Negreanu put his finger on it:

Ah, right, That's it. FTR Kass has a very reasonable point in this extra footage about a double standard that applies to aggressive women/men (something Vanessa Selbst is all too familiar with). But sometimes it's not just about gender; it's about being generally unpleasant.

More takes on this season of Survivor and its poker parallels from Rob Cesternino/Jason Somerville here.

3) Dear Mr. WSOP Fantasy, Play Us A Bracelet Tune

As it's about that glorious time of year we all hunker down around our screens hitting f5 on WSOP chip counts it's also that time to pick our horses for the annual WSOP Fantasy Team extravaganza.

Just. Wins. Bracelets.

Not Negreanu's epic $25k Fantasy draft, mind you. The GPI's much-less-costly-but-still-thoroughly-enjoyable alternative of course.

Who would make your top 12 all-rounders for maximum WSOP destruction? Here's our list for 2014 (for the sake of pure enjoyment, GPI Fantasy budget constrictions not applied):

  • 1. Phil Ivey (What? We're not stupid.)
  • 2. Daniel Negreanu (see reason #1 above)
  • 3. Vanessa Selbst (see reason #1 above)
  • 4. Ole Schemion (doesn't need to be in LV; so good can win from overseas)
  • 5. Matt Matros (Just. Wins. Bracelets)
  • 6. Yevgeniy Timoshenko (Slow and steady wins the race)
  • 7. Jason Koon (You tell him he's not going to win a bracelet)
  • 8. Erik Seidel (All. Time. Great)
  • 9. Scott Clements (Everytime you look at chip counts, look for his name)
  • 10. Vitaly Lunkin (He will break you eventually)
  • 11. Dominik Nitsche (He sucks less at poker than almost everybody)
  • 12. David Bach (Always contends in mixed games. Always)

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Chuck Ace 2014-05-16 20:45:51

He might actually die.

cap60c 2014-05-16 15:45:05

that is a damn long way for an ocean swim i wouldn't do it

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