Daily 3-Bet: Micro Millions, Phelps Win-WIn, Poker Boycott

Michael Phelps
Phelps: Can't stop winning.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a few loose nickels plucked from the couch spun up into the afternoon poker news progressive jackpot.

Any posts or articles you think are worthy of a 3-Bet mention, drop a link in the comments and we'll take a look.

Today in the 3-Bet we find a small-stakes grinder's festivus ready to kick off, Michael Phelps winning in several more ways off the poker table again and poker media pied piper Nolan Dalla calling for a boycott of the Venetian.

1) $5 Million Guaranteed in 11-Day Micro Millions

This is how we do it.

Some poker players wait all year for the World Series of Poker. Some wait for the World Championship of Online Poker.

Some just wait for the WSOP Circuit to hit their hometown and play a nice medium buy-in event every year.

Poker players on our kind of budget though? We wait for the PokerStars Micro Millions, where we can spin our hard-earned, couch-found cents up into hundreds - hundreds! - of dollars. No joke.

Running July 18-28 this year the PokerStars Micro Millions series has $5 million guaranteed this year with 101 events on the schedule.

Buy-ins start at just 11 cents and run up to $22 for the $1m guaranteed main event on July 28 to cap the series. Event 1 is already underway with 62,229 runners.

Finally. It's a festivus for the rest of us!

If you don't have a PokerStars account, sign up for one via our PokerStars review page for a $600 bonus and exclusive weekly and monthly freerolls.

2) Phelps Wins ESPYs, Wins Win

Now that Michael Phelps has moved into the poker world more regularly we've just, you know, started claiming him as one of our own.

Michael Phelps and Win McMurry. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images.

We do get the occasional reminder he's one of the greatest athletes of all time though.

Phelps took home two trophys last night at the splashy annual ESPN ESPY Awards including Record-Breaking Performance of the Year and Male Olympian of the Year.

So, yeah. He's still a bit bigger in the scheme of things than just a poker grinder.

Befitting his stature one of the world's greatest athletes Phelps of course had a super hot date on his arm in Win McMurry, who Phelps met during filming for an episode of The Haney Project.

It's a good life, it seems. Even if you still don't have a WSOP cash.

3) Dalla Pleads for Week-Long Venetian Boycott

Nolan Dalla
Mess with Dalla, get the horns.

As we've said before when poker media legend Nolan Dalla speaks, we listen. And he's got a cause he's passionate about right now.

That cause? Boycotting the Venetian poker room to protest owner Sheldon Adelson's ludicrous stance on online poker.

What does Dalla suggest we do about it? Keep the Venetian seats entirely empty for a week starting July 22. Says Dalla:

"We poker players sat on our asses for years. The vast majority of us did nothing to help our cause. We bitch and complain and talk a good game, but when it comes to action, we’ve done nothing.

"And so inaction allowed the zealots to take over and make the rules. We abdicated the fight with utter indifference and a lack of willpower. We lost. 

"Well, now is the time to take our game back. So, let’s seize this moment."

Dalla plans to keep providing updates on the boycott as the day gets closer. Read the full post and check for updates here.

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