Daily 3-Bet: Mercier vs. Timex, Chan Video, Ultimate Poker Signing

Terrence Chan
It's Terrence Chan day on PokerListings!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like an errant Tweet that has gone three steps too far and is making the rest of the mid-afternoon poker news world uncomfortable.

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Today’s 3-Bet covers the vicious Jason Mercier/Mike McDonald Twitter war and a double dose of Terrence Chan with our exclusive video doc and news that he’s joined Ultimate Poker.

1) Team Mercier vs. Team Timex… errr, Nevermind

For a brief period of time today we thought we had a feud between Jason Mercier and Mike McDonald that might rival Tom Dwan/Dan Cates.

That lasted all of 20 minutes. 

Mercier took a shot at McDonald over Twitter while the pair were sharing a table on Day 4 of EPT London. It was somewhat shocking as the usually cordial Mercier essentially told McDonald to shut up.

Even after the Tweet, Mercier needled McDonald even more by noting how quiet he had become. McDonald’s response?

Mercier busted from the tournament shortly after that and McDonald threw another barb at this point.

It appeared we were headed for a full-blown Twitter battle at this point but for some reason Mercier immediately backed off and McDonald followed suit.

All is well that ends well?

2) Terrence Chan Takes his Kicks, Poker Chops to Ultimate Poker

Terrence Chan
Terrence Chan

Talk about a perfect fit.

MMA/poker pro Terrence Chan has been signed to represent the only online poker room that is partnered the UFC.

Indeed Chan is a new member of the Ultimate Poker team, which is owned by Fertitta Interactive. Fertitta Interactive is in turn majority-owned by Station Casinos and partnered with the UFC.

Chan has had an illustrious career in the poker world (check this mini-documentary if you doubt us) that includes being a consultant for PokerStars in its infancy, winning WCOOP and SCOOP titles and more recently representing Hero Poker.

In recent years the Vancouver native has begun training MMA quite seriously and boosts a shiny 1-0 record in professional fights. He also has two amateur victories.

Interestingly it sounds like Chan won’t just be representing the brand at tournaments but will also be working full-time from Ultimate Poker’s office in Vegas.

He explained in a full blog over at terrencechanpoker.com:

On one hand, it's a huge change for me. I know from experience that being part of a startup is crazy work. Stuff always goes wrong and there are always challenges and hurdles you didn't anticipate. But more than anything I'm excited. Excited to be hopefully a good team player and leader. Our Vegas office is a couple dozen employees and they're an awesome group who has welcomed me.

3) Chan Talks MMA in New Easy Game Mini-Doc

It's good timing that Chan announced his new Ultimate Poker role today as we've got an exclusive video with the man in question.

As we mentioned above it's been hard to turn around in the poker world in the last 10 years without seeing Terrence Chan. But these days you'll see more of Terrence Chan in an MMA ring than you will at a poker table.

The 32-year-old has shifted his focus from poker to mixed martial arts and he's set his sights on the sport's highest level: The UFC.

In the latest episode of our short documentary series Easy Game we find out why. If you're on iPad or iPhone you can watch the video here.

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marc 2013-03-15 13:24:05

I cannot for the life of me figure out why a new poker site would want the word "Ultimate" as part of their brand? With everything negative surrondding UltimateBet you think the higher ups would have enough common sense to not associate themselves with those bums....imo it can only hurt business.

Mike Owens 2013-03-15 09:55:23

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