Daily 3-Bet: McCain Twaddle, Boosted Guilt, durrrr Stalls

McCain Poker
Tuning out John Kerry with Q2. Photo: Melina Mara, Washington Post

The PokerListings 3-Bet is a smartphone, a roll of Starburst and a couple hours of Doodle Jump to get you through the afternoon poker news board meeting.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a whole lot of misplaced self-righteousness about John McCain playing poker on his phone, Justin "BoostedJ" Smith pleading guilty and facing five years in prison and the reality of the durrrr Challenge stall potential starting to sink in.

1) Furor Over McCain Poker Dalliance Reaches #Trending Heights

Go ahead. Tell us everything you know about Syria. Anything. What language they speak. Who lives there. Point it out on a map.

The Internet is losing its mind this morning over an image of Senator John McCain playing poker on his phone during a Senate hearing about using military force in Syria. Fueling the fire McCain, when "caught," tweeted this about it:

Responses have ranged for the simply chasteful to the outright indignant, including this gem:

No one's trivializing going to war but let's hold off on the self-righteous Internet blowhardism - more than likely also produced on a company dime - for a few seconds, can't we?

If everyone took a second to look closer they would have realized McCain had just limped in UTG with Q2. He wasn't going to last long. 

No word whether McCain contacted VIP Poker support to argue the rake was too high or if anyone was actually able to sit on his right. Read more about it, oh, everywhere, but here's Mashable's take.

2) BoostedJ and Edwin Ting Plead Guilty, Await Sentencing

Justin Smith
Bad times for Boosted.

The massive, 34-defendant "illegal gambling" indictment brought down by the DOJ a few months ago involving poker players Bill Edler, Vadim Trincher and Justin "BoostedJ" Smith is slowly winding its way through the courts now with five defendants pleading out so far.

The latest two are Smith and Edwin Ting, who officially pled guilty in a NY court today according to a release from the DOJ. Said Preet Bhahara (yes, that Preet Bhahara):

“Edwin Ting and Justin Smith ran high-stakes poker and sportsbook operations, respectively, that handled many millions of dollars in illegal gambling. They were part of an underground enterprise trying to be invisible to law enforcement. Their guilty pleas are an important step toward the resolution of this case.”

According to the indictment Ting ran high-stakes poker games in NY from 2010-2013 while Smith helped operate a high-stakes sportsbook that catered to "millionaires and billionaires."

Both face a maximum five years in prison with three years supervised release. Ting also forfeited $2m and Smith coughed up $500k.

Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 7, 2014. More on the indictments here.

3) durrrr Challenge Stalls Again

So after getting hot and bothered about the supposed resumption of the Dan "Jungleman12" Cates/durrrr Challenge a few weeks ago the forum fan boys have had reason to go limp again.

After agreeing to play 4k hands a month barely 100 were played in August, leaving even the most ardent durrrr supporters wondering if their boy is now, in fact, just stalling.

Tom Dwan
He can't really be stalling ... can he?

Jungleman, after getting irritated on Twitter the first time around, is taking the high road this time, simply posting on 2+2 yesterday:

"Regarding the Durrrr Challenge, I am trying to resolve this with Durrrr privately and mediators of the challenge. Obviously now it seems we should create specific rules for how it is run. I would like to make it clear that I have been willing to play for the entirety of August. Will see if I can get something definitive soon..."

And so we wait again. For an interesting perspective on the whole thing check out the video of durrrr "revealing" the challenge to CardPlayer TV at the 2009 PCA:

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