Daily 3-Bet: Mateos Hitting, Colman Quitting, Rafa > Ronaldo

Dan Colman
Colman preparing his exit?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a worn scrubbie, a wrinkled pair of dish-pan hands and a capful of Calgon to whisk your afternoon poker news worries away.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Spain's Adrian Mateos putting a thumping on Day 1a at WPT UK, Dan Colman hints his future in poker may be shorter than we think and Rafael Nadal sends Ronaldo to the kitchen to wash up.

1) Mateos Leads WPT UK Day 1a

Adrian Mateos
Another big score for Mateos coming?

We don't usually trumpet a chip lead after Day 1a in a poker tournament, big or small, but in this case we feel it's warranted.

Spain's Adrian Mateos was a finalist for our PokerListings Spirit of Poker Rising Star Award this year and, truly, we were a little surprised he didn't get more votes.

Not only did he win the WSOPE Main Event at just 19 years of age (!) he did it against a final table of no less than Fabrice Soulier, Dominik Nitsche, Ravi Raghavan, Benny Spindler and Shannon Shorr.

So there's that. But he's also showed in every event he played he's a veritable poker force to be reckoned with. He's gonna be a factor deep in a lot of poker tournaments in the coming year so be ready for a steady diet of Mateos.

With 311 entrants already for Day 1 of the World Poker Tour UK £3,000 Main Event he could be on his way to a big finish for 2014 first. Check the WPT Live Updates for the latest.

2) Colman Quitting Poker After WSOP Next Year?

It's been an odd week for 2014's $22m poker winner Dan Colman.

Splitting the poker world more or less in half with his comments about Phil Hellmuth being a "cancer" and a "whore" Colman has since followed up by both softening his stance on Phil and admitting to multi-accounting as a teenager.

Dan Colman
Running out of steam?

As he explained in the 2+2 thread today, "It was during the summer of 2008 after turning 18. I was staked and was just playing crazy aggro on all my accounts trying to run up stacks.

"I lost probably around 150k in that stretch as well as having my accounts shut down and 200k confiscated. Even though I was -EV then, it was clearly with the intent to defraud the other MTT players, there's no denying that."

While poker fans new and old now have that info to chew on Colman reportedly told fellow high-stakes reg Doug Polk in a recent chat he's not long for poker anyway. Josh Logan of PokerStrategy.com reported this alleged chat:

  • WCG|Rider: we both know you arent hanging up the gloves
  • WCG|Rider : so whats your plan
  • mrGR33N13 : serious
  • mrGR33N13 : i play pca maybe aussie next year
  • mrGR33N13 : then 100k one drop and main event
  • mrGR33N13 : then its all over
  • mrGR33N13 : they dont deserve me, they been treatin the greenie too rough lately

While the last part is clearly tongue-in-cheek it doesn't seem too far-fetched to imagine Colman's mixed feelings about poker come to a head sometime soon.

3) Rafa Sends Ronaldo to Dish Pit

Two of poker's newest and most influential ambassadors had a sit down yesterday in London for a pre-arranged heads-up match.

While the winner hardly matters, the outcome surely does - Rafa beat Ronaldo for a $50,000 donation made to his own charity foundation.

As an added bonus we also got to see Ronaldo washing dishes as the penalty for his loss. Check the highlights below:

Screen shot 2014 11 19 at 1.04.34 PM

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