Daily 3-Bet: Losing Your Name, Ivey = Don King, Staring Debate

Mike McDonald
Don't look directly into the eyes.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a well-timed wink to throw the mid-afternoon poker news world right off its game during an intense staring contest.

You can always fire suggestions for future 3-Bet pieces in the comments section below.

In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a Kiwi poker player losing a ridiculous prop bet, Phil Ivey is the new Don King and the raging debate about extreme staring in poker.

1) NZ Man Changes Name in Ridiculous Prop Bet

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Totally legit. (H/T bodybuilder forum)

A New Zealand man has legally changed his name after losing a drunken prop bet in a poker game five years ago.

The new name? “Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All the Superheroes Combined with Frostnova.”

Mr. Frostnova’s name, which at 99 characters just meets New Zealand’s character limit of 100, was picked by his fellow card players.

The story broke when when a friend of the 22-year-old Dunedin native wrote on an online body building forum that the 99-character had finally been accepted on his passport.

Mr. Frostnova will be required to change his name on his driver’s license and all other legal documents.

It’s surprising the name was accepted considering New Zealand laws actually state that names cannot be “unreasonably long.”

No details were provided on the stakes of the home game but hopefully Frostnova actually had a shot at some decent money considering he’ll be stuck using a 99-character name for at least three years.

2) Phil Ivey's New Job: Fight Promotor!

Is Phil Ivey the new Don King?

It certainly felt like it this weekend as Ivey was announced as a co-founder of a new boxing and entertainment company called All In Entertainment.

Thanks to his new position with All In Entertainment Ivey attended Friday Night Fights this weekend and was actually interviewed by ESPN in the broadcast.

With that in mind That’s Poker decided to put up a photoshop of Ivey as Don King and it definitely got a chuckle out of us (and apparently Ivey).

3) Staring Debate Rages

Mike McDonald’s long, steely-eyed, gazes into opponent’s souls have been under the microscope in 2014.

There’s a collection of poker players who feel McDonald’s stare-downs have edged into the territory of unreasonable and they’re letting the Canadian pro know on Twitter.

Perhaps just another reason for a shot clock in poker?

Debate amongst yourselves.

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