Daily 3-Bet: Kudos 4 Mike, DNegs Does Nov. 9, Blowup Friday!

Daniel Negreanu5
And then he said he invented GTO!

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a pink Oxford button-down, the livest cards in the deck and nothing but monster pots and afternoon poker news glory.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the poker world celebrating Mike Sexton, Daniel goes deep on the Nov. 9 and Lex Veldhuis blows up Friday.

1) Everybody Loves Mike

The voice of the World Poker Tour and one of the most beloved figures in poker overcame a 17m-1m chip disadvantage heads-up to win his first WPT title last night.

Mike Sexton 2
Book sales gonna skyrocket!

Needless to say, there are a lot of people thrilled for Mike Sexton this morning - including us.

Sexton's won more money in a tournament before as he won $1.1m in the Big One for One Drop, for example.

But for a guy who's given so much to the game and the WPT over the past 3 decades, winning a WPT title must be extra special - both for him and to fans worldwide. Couldn't happen to a nicer gent.

Besides locking up a $15k seat in the WPT Championship next Spring, he's also clearly locked up a spot on the 2017 Spirit of Poker Living Legend nominee list. More love from the poker world:

2) Negreanu Behind-the-Scenes at Nov. 9, Hellmuth Invents GTO

Daniel Negreanu's new FCP podcast is always a good listen but this week is particularly a treat.

Not only does he break down each member of this year's November Nine and how they played, he explains how Phil Hellmuth decided he invented Game Theory Optimal (GTO).

It's a gem of an anecdote. Listen to the whole podcast below:

3) Blowup Fridays with Dutch Poker HoFer Lex Veldhuis

Lex @RaSZi Veldhuis has just been elected to the Dutch Poker Hall of Fame, which is both awesome and well deserved.

Along with Rob Hollink and Peter Voolstra he joins Marcel Lüske, Noah Boeken and Jorryt van Hoof in what is a small but impressive group from the Netherlands who have impacted the game for the better.

Thankfully, the honour hasn't kept the PokerStars Team Online pro and former Starcraft ace from his regular streaming schedule as he's live again today for his usual Blowup Fridays.

It's poker from the streets and you'll like it we promise. Watch it below:

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