Daily 3-Bet: King of HU, RealKid Kassouf, Just Bag Chips

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Wrongfully penalized?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a sack of rice, a bit of soy sauce and a surprisingly good recipe for bagged afternoon poker news smoked trout.

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Today in the 3-Bet we the king of heads-up poker returns, Daniel Negreanu and Will Kassouf get into it and David Williams reveals the secret to poker life.

1) Busquet Battles FDawg

If you followed the heads-up matches so far in GPL Season 1 you know LA Sunset member Olivier Busquet was the go-to HU stud for his team.

He knows you know.

Watching Busquet play heads-up is a like watching the gold-medal Canadian Hockey team at the Sochi Olympics - just wave-after-wave of relentless, high-end play that perpetually puts opponents on their heels.

With 39 points over 7 matches he was a principal reason (along with Fedor Holz, ofc) the Sunset rolled into the second half of the season 2nd in the Americas Conference.

The HU king is back in action looking to jump LA over the Conference-leading Montreal Nationals today as he faces MTL Manager Marc-Andre Ladouceur - a HU boss in his own right.

Action is live right now; check it out here. Stick around for two more great HU battles - Tom Marchese vs. Byron Kaverman and Jake Cody v. Jonathan Jaffe - afterwards.

If you want a window into just how Olivier does it, check his 4-hour webinar on HU strategy with Jonathan Little right here.

2) Kassouf: Told Speech Play "Too Advanced for WSOP Rules"

If you watched the 2016 WSOP Main Event coverage on ESPN this past weekend you know the hand heard 'round the world was William Kassouf v. Stacy Matuson.

Daniel Negreanu5
Let them speak.

Long story short, Kassouf put Matuson to the test for her tournament life and teetered very close to crossing the line/breaking the rules with his "speech play."

The end result was Kassouf getting a 1-orbit penalty from WSOP TD Jack Effel, Matuson folding and busting shortly after when her Aces got outrun by KJ.

It was a memorable hand by all estimations regardless of which side of the love-or-hate Kassouf coin you land on.

We mentioned Daniel Negreanu coming out in support of Kassouf on Twitter yesterday and today he goes one better by actually having Kassouf on his podcast and discussing it in detail. 

Among the more interesting new bits of information, at least according to Kassouf, is he was later threatened with a 3-orbit penalty and also told by Effel his "speech play was too advanced for the WSOP rules." Listen to the podcast below starting at 27:40; stick around for the awesome stories of Mori Eskandari and Daniel's take on the HoF nominations too!

3) Williams: "All You Gotta Do is Just Bag"

Want to know the secret to making the final of MasterChef (and, incidentally, figuring out optimal poker tournament strategy?)

All you gotta do is bag, man. Check our Williams' inside take on how the MasterChef finale went down, his legacy in poker and more in this epic 3-hour(!) chat with Joe Ingram. (Note: Salty language involved)

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