Daily 3-Bet: JGross Superman, Stars Speed-Up, Zedd + Poker

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Man of poker steel.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a new headband, some 5lb ankle weights and 40 minutes of jazzercise that barely breaks an afternoon poker news sweat.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find everything coming up Jeff Gross, PokerStars' cash games get faster and Zedd puts PSC Barcelona on notice.

1) Jeff Gross is Unstoppable

OK; he didn't "crush" the 2017 WSOP necessarily with just 6 small cashes worth about $15k total. But quite literally everything else is coming up Jeff Gross these days.

The Michigan-bred pro has been around the poker block for awhile but usually, at least in some small way, fallen a bit under the shadow of Antonio Esfandiari as his "professional best friend."

Not any more. Gross is having a breakout year highlighted by his massively successful Twitch channel (The Flow Show, where he streams relentlessly).

There's Streamboat w/ Bill Perkins. There's commentating on the WSOP live stream. There's his awesome Vlog. And, of course, being named to Team PokerStars Pro.

As if that wasn't enough he also crushed All-American Dave's 5 weeks to fitness program this summer and now looks like a body double for his "other" famous pal, Michael Phelps.

Kind of makes us feel like we're not doing much anything with our lives after all. We'll forgive him, though, as he's clearly worked hard and deserves it. Great ambassador for the game and always worth a watch/subscribe on the FLOW show. If you don't know him yet, check the intro from Daniel Negreanu below:

2) PokerStars Ring Games Get Faster

Click faster!

We're sensing a trend here.

The WPT has committed to the action clock. 888poker is working hard to get rid of the tanking #Buzzkills. The WSOP even tweaked its tanking rules this summer.

Everybody wants to make the game faster for more hands, more fun and more joy at the tables.

Add PokerStars to the list as it announced this last week it's speeding up the time to act in its $0.01/$0.02 NLHE and PLO ring games. 

How much faster? 

Pre flop not facing a raise

18 seconds

12 seconds

Pre flop facing a raise and post flop

25 seconds

15 seconds

Time bank settings and Zoom stay the same. Implemented as of today on PokerStars it's still just a trial run to see how it goes over but we have a feeling it'll stick. No one needs 25 seconds at 1c/2c, right? Try it out on PokerStars here.

3) Zedd is Coming to PokerStars Championship Barcelona

We have no idea who he is (we haven't been outside after 10 pm in about 5 years) but if his 5.4m Twitter followers is a sign, electro superstar Zedd is a big-ticket score for the PokerStars Championship Barcelona:

Here's a taste of what to expect; more on PSC Barcelona's increased guarantees and qualifying here.

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