Daily 3-Bet: Jacobson Goes East, Chafak Spotlight, Nitsche Roars

Tencent Poker
Martin Jacobson is money in any language.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Martin Jacobson promoting poker in China, the multi-talented Sara Chafak and Dominik Nitche’s impressive GPL debut.

1) Martin Jacobson Worldwide


Sweden’s Martin Jacobson is no longer the world champ but he’s still promoting poker around the globe.

Jacobson faced off against Guo Dong and a collection of other players on the Tencent Poker Platform in China today.

Tencent is an enormous internet media conglomerate in China that offers a No-Limit Hold’em app that utilizes the Zynga platform.

It’s not exactly clear what the Jabobson match is for but there’s a good chance it’s a promotional event for the company and its customers in China.

The Asian market of course remains a white whale for the online poker industry with millions upon millions of potential players.

You can actually watch the match right here. Let us know if you figure out exactly what’s going on.

2) Sara Chafak: Miss Finland, Army Recruit, Poker

It’s hard to dislike Finland’s Sara Chafak.


She got the poker world buzzing in 2014 when she successfully bluffed seasoned pro Ronnie Bardah in a huge hand on Shark Cage that eventually went viral.

CardplayerLifestyle scored an interview with Chafak this week and the Finnish model talked a little bit about how she got started in poker.

Apparently she started playing home games and eventually got into playing pub leagues in Finland. After finding some success she took a break from poker to focus on university.

While competing and eventually winning Miss Finland, Chafak started playing a significant amount of online poker. She still plays on PokerStars any time she has free time.

Perhaps the best part of the interview was the revelation that when Ronnie Bardah first met Chafak backstage at Shark Cage he asked, “Are you the host or something?”

You can check out the entire interview here.

3) Dominik Nitsche: Berlin Bears Savior?

dominik nitsche

The Berlin Bears needed something after stumbling out of the gates in the Global Poker League with just 3 points in the first week.

It turns out that something was Dominik Nitsche.

The German 888poker pro dominated his 6-Max match earlier today, eventually besting the Paris Aviators' Mike Leah heads-up.

Not satisfied with just crushing the table, Nitsche was one of the players on the webcam the whole time and discussed strategy all the way through.

Nitsche gave poker fans a lot to think about as he fought his way to first place and the seven points that came with it.

It wasn’t all bad for the Aviators either as Leah’s runner-up powered the Paris Aviators to first in the league with 21 points.

We’ve still got one more Eurasia 6-Max match scheduled for today plus two more for the Americas.

We'll also see the first female players at the table as Xuan Liu and Kitty Kuo enter the fray.

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