Daily 3-Bet: Ivey vs. Negreanu, Rettenmaier Rises, Sweet Home Montana

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu: OFC Master?

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Today’s 3-Bet takes a look at Marvin Rettenmaier’s rise on GPI, Doyle Brunson’s summer home in Montana and Phil Ivey taking on Daniel Negreanu in OFC.

1) Marvin Rettenmaier Shoots Up GPI, Aiming for Mercier

Marvin Rettenmaier
Marvin Rettenmaier

Although Jason Mercier has held top spot on the vaunted Global Poker Index rankings for 15 straight weeks, Marvin Rettenmaier is coming on hard.

The noted German high-roller jumped four spots on this week’s GPI and now sits firmly in second place, right behind the aforementioned Mercier.

The reason for Rettenmaier's sudden jump? He won yet another high-roller event. This time at WPT Merit Cyprus. Rettenmaier beat a 69-player field to win $182,505.

Rettenmaier has now earned $492,719 in 2013. It will be tough for the German to match the $2.5 million he earned in 2012, however.

Thanks to a relatively quiet poker circuit the rest of the top 10 players were more or less inactive this week although Daniel Negreanu somehow dropped four spots.

Circuit veteran Rodger Johnson was the biggest overall mover this week as he jumped 74 spots thanks to a final table appearance in the Running Aces Tournament of Champions.

Be sure to check out the complete GPI rankings.

2) Phil Ivey vs. Daniel Negreanu: Who You Got?

Pop quiz: What do two of the world’s most famous poker players do when their pool party gets rained out?

Play poker, obv.

Phil Ivey (who seems to be warming up to the whole social media thing) Tweeted a photo of a Open-Face Chinese poker game against Daniel Negreanu:

While we wish we knew how much they were playing for a point (TwoPlusTwo sleuths activate!) there are number of interesting things going on in the picture:

  • Kid Poker has seriously upped his hair game
  • They are using surprisingly low-quality paper cards
  • Those chairs are ridiculous awesome
  • We need to get invited to these parties

3) Kicking it with the Texas Dolly in Montana

You’ve already seen Phil Ivey’s pool, now what do you think of Doyle Brunson’s summer home in Montana?

This week ESPN featured Brunson’s family home in Montana as part of its WSOP Main Event coverage and it’s pretty darn amazing.

Interestingly Brunson heard about how beautiful Montana is from the late Chip Reese.

The quiet and solitude of Montana are a far cry from Las Vegas so it’s easy to see why Brunson heads up there for a little vacation time.

Despite Montana being quite a distance from Brunson's hometown of Longworth, Tx, he's certainly added a number of features to make the home his own.

Check out the complete clip below:

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