Daily 3-Bet: Ivey Siren, Liv HorseFace, Startups + Poker

Christina Lindley
Calling all newbies.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is the softest voice and oldest secrets whispered delicately into the pricked and troubled ears of the afternoon poker news rag.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find TeamIvey adding “The Siren” of poker to its roster, Liv Boeree starring in her own, less-sweeping version of the Horse Whisperer and the founder of RottenTomatoes.com putting startup success in poker terms.

1) Ivey Signs Jaffe, "Poker Siren" Christina Lindley

Jonathan Jaffe
Jonathan Jaffe -- the "other" poker siren.

Seems like a day doesn’t go by without a TeamIvey pro signing.

What they'll actually do is still unclear (some sort of training videos, we think) but that hasn't stopped the TeamIvey marketing team from going full steam ahead on pro deals.

Two more names were added to the list this weekend in heads-up specialist Jonathan Jaffe and (newly nicknamed) Siren of poker, Christina Lindley.

We’ve never heard her called The Siren of Poker before, but Team Ivey thinks her mainstream crossover appeal will bring in the punters:

“With career winnings over $1M, Christina is not a player to be underestimated. She has been known to use her southern sweetness and Maxim-model beauty as the perfect ruse to captivate, and ultimately defeat, her opponents.

“… Christina’s star power and loyal followers are sure to attract mainstream awareness, developing a new generation of poker aficionados through IveyPoker.com.” Check the full list of 27 29 pros here.

2) Liv Boeree Wears Horse Mask, Battles Food Poisoning

Yeah, so, seems like it’s been a weird couple of days for Liv Boeree.

In Deauville, France for the latest EPT main event, Boeree got food poisoning from some bad mussels that almost shut her down entirely:

Making a big turnaround in the last couple of hours, though, she did manage to buy in just before late registration closed. At last report she seems to be hanging on, posting antes and hoping for a better day tomorrow. On another weird note, she also did this and posted it online:

3) Rotten Tomatoes Founder Explains Startups in Poker Terms

Phil Ivey
Also a believer in tight-aggressive startup strategy.

Tortured metaphors connecting business and poker are plentiful these days but it is, of course, still true there are some very important crossover skills.

Patrick Lee, co-founder of the highly successful RottenTomatoes.com movie review site, definitely thinks so.

In a recent post on e27.sg, Lee says there's a very common thread for being successful in both sstartup and poker - being tight-aggressive:

"The tight aggressive player folds often and waits for a strong hand to play. When they do play, they aggressively bet and raise to knock out other players and increase the size of the pot.

"By folding quickly and often on bad hands, the tight aggressive player is able to preserve their chip stack to allow them to be aggressive when they finally land a strong hand.

"This is also, in my opinion, the best strategy for entrepreneurs: wait for an idea that finds traction FIRST and THEN (and only then) go aggressive. If it’s a weak hand, fold immediately – as in, pivot or start something new.

"Bootstrap, launch with a minimum viable product (MVP), A/B test, and keep development times as short and costs as low as possible. The goal is to see as many hands as quickly and cheaply as you can in order to find a strong hand..."

We knew it. Keep your eyes peeled for swedishgirlsonbikes.com, comign soon. Check Lee's full post here.

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Mike Owens 2013-02-04 14:09:58

Does anyone really care now who Ivey signs?

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