Daily 3-Bet: Internet Jihad, Tilly Bombshell, Gus Turns 40

Gus Hansen
Gustav turns 40.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Sheldon Adelson continuing his all-out assault on online gambling, Jennifer Tilly dropping a couple of bombshells at this year's PCA and the irrascible, record-breaking Gus Hansen hits his forties.

1) Adelson: Still Intent on Kiboshing Online Gambling

No matter what we do, we still can't wrap our heads around Las Vegas/global casino mogul Sheldon Adelson's hard-on for stopping online gambling in the United States.

We get what he's saying - that Internet Gambling will "hurt society," that it's a "slippery slope," that it's harder to police - but it still, really, doesn't add up.

Sheldon Adelson
Moral outrage or bottom line?

His arguments are filled with holes. He's not even a computer user so barely knows what he's talking about. But still he's intent, via his Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, to put an end to it.

As writer Jon Ralston explains in a great feature on Politico.com, Adelson's "Internet Jihad" will likely fail. But he's not bluffing about his seriousness. An excerpt:

“'This is not a money issue with me,' Adelson insisted. 'This is a moral issue.'

"But for the born-again evangelist, it was first about the money; the moral concerns came later. Adelson says he came to his antipathy for web gaming when he was trying a couple of years ago to expand his empire into Europe.

"'It is when I started to look at Spain for a EuroVegas, to reproduce about half of the Las Vegas Strip over there,” Adelson recalled 'So I became familiar with what was going on, and I talked to different people in the industry, outside of the industry, different government people, different business people. It appears as though the online gaming bills that were passed triggered a 20 percent reduction in the visitation to the brick-and-mortar casinos.'”  Read the full piece here.

2) Tilly Bombshells: Was SuperNova, Now Splashes on Zynga

Jennifer Tilly
Former SuperNova JTilla.

We're huge Jennifer Tilly fans around here so tip our hats to Yahoo! Sports' ThePostGame for digging up this JTilla Bluff interview we missed from the PCA.

As always it's great to hear Tilly talk about her love for poker and how much she still loves it/wants to quit every time. We feel the same way.

We just can't decide which is the bigger bombshell: That Tilly used to be a PokerStars SuperNova/play 16 tables at a time or that some unsuspecting play-money schlub has no idea he's cursing out JTilla at the Zynga tables:

3) Gustav Turns 40; Moms of Monte Carlo Sigh

Thanks to a tip from our PokerListings Denmark ace Thomas Hviid we've learned that Denmark's most famous poker player turns 40 years old today.

Looking back we can all be thankful for June 1, 2002, when the then-28-year-old Gustav Hansen from Copenhagen turned poker as we knew it on its ear (pun intended).

Gus made his first WPT final table at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic as chip leader but still had John Hennigan, Freddy Deeb, John Juanda and Scotty Nguyen to get past. Deeb in particular wasn't fond of Gus' splashy, "any two cards" style saying he'd "like to play this game against him every day for the rest of my life."

But Gus conquered them all and changed the course of poker history for good. Three more WPT titles, an Aussie Millions title, countless TV appearances, a spot on Team Full Tilt, a WSOP bracelet, massive swings both online and live ... it's been quite a ride so far for Gus and, we hope, still just the beginning.

Scroll down for some of our favorite Gus moments and feel free to add yours in the comments.

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