Daily 3-Bet: Insane Home Game, Ivey Goes Old-School, Dwan + JRB

Phil Ivey
Man of the people Phil Ivey.

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at perhaps the greatest home game in existence, Phil Ivey playing poker with an older crowd and BFF’s Tom Dwan and Jean-Robert Bellande.

1) NYC Home Game Might Be Greatest Ever

TV Time!
Home game or EPT? You decide.

And you thought your home game with your table cloth and 19 inch LCD was sweet.

The New York Post published an article by Michael Kaplan yesterday, which showcased three separate home games that take place in NYC.

One of the games featured Wall Street bankers and it sounded like a standard high-stakes affair. The other was a long-running game that once hosted a celebrities husband.

It was the third one that really piqued our interesting, however.

Steak & Poker Night is a casual three-table game that is run by attorney Charlie Prince.

Despite a low buy-in of $60, some of the features in the game could rival what’s available at some casinos.

Here are the various amenities in the game:

  • Three professional poker tables
  • Artisanal whiskey
  • A $5k TV-style feature table that you can watch online
  • Numerous TVs to watch
  • A display for the tournament clock and other information
  • Books documenting the history of the game.

Get us a seat in this game ASAP! 

2) Phil Ivey Stops by Mom’s Poker Game, Crushes it (We Assume)

Poker icon Phil Ivey has been getting so social lately that he’s stopping by random community centers to play cards.

OK that’s not exactly what happened earlier this week but apparently Ivey did stop by his mom’s poker social gathering to take in the action.

It’s not clear if Ivey actually played but he did say it was good practice for adapting to different poker styles.

We’re betting the guy on the far right is insanely aggressive at the tables. Just a feeling.

3) Tom Dwan + JRB = BFF Forever

Jean-Robert Bellande and Tom “durrrr” Dwan seem like they are on two different ends of the poker spectrum.

Bellande does his social media thing while Dwan posts rarely and seems to prefer staying out of the limelight while travelling around the world and stacking people for millions in Macau.

That hasn’t kept the pair from becoming good friends, however.

Last night Dwan and Bellande were partying at Aria’s nightclub Haze along with tequila rep Diana Karimen, according to Instagram.

Bellande even refers to durrrr as his #brokefamily.

That’s nice.

jrb dwan2

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