Daily 3-Bet: In Praise of Limit, 3 Yrs $0m, Hellmuth Thinks

Phil Hellmuth
What's Phil thinking? You'd be surprised.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a full buy-in, a few rounds of boilermakers and a fun-loving losing session of afternoon poker news min-bet.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a wave of momentum building for more Limit Hold'em games, a second look at the glowering nerditude of poker reality series 2M 2MM and we get inside the minds of several big-name pros including Phil Hellmuth.

1) Limit Poker is Fun for Everyone

It might seem hard to believe but 10 years ago, Bryan Devonshire says, it was hard to find No-Limit Hold'em games. Moneymaker's WSOP title was certainly starting to change things but, more or less, Limit Hold'em was still the order of the day.

Bryan Devonshire
Nothing like Limit games.

For good reason, Devonshire writes in his latest column. It's harder to go bust. You get more value for your play. And, importantly, the game is fun.

Without the pressure of playing for stacks players can unwind and socialize. Seems like a small thing but it looms large now aswe look for new ways to bring/keep amateur money in the game.

Noted poker icons including Nolan Dalla have recently come out in praise of Limit Hold'em and Devonshire adds his stamp of approval:

"...for places with state-mandated caps on betting such as Arizona, Colorado and Minnesota, limit remains king. This makes me happy as a player, since limit games are so much more fun.

"I get to play more hands, see more turns and rivers, and make more decisions. I get to raise like I have three arms and not worry about somebody shoving their pile on me. The game is fun.

"The game remains good for a long time. People don’t go broke and thus keep coming back. Variance is much higher, but variance is exactly what losing players need to book winning sessions and thus exactly what professionals need to have a good game."

Check his full column plus a few the Press of Atlantic City here.

2) 2M 2MM in a New Light?

As we creep up on the three-year anniversary of Black Friday and at least some of the money pilfered from American customers has been returned, it's hard not to look back at the last few years with a slightly different view.

It's definitely been a struggle for many former online professionals to adjust their lives to the shocking pull of the poker ATM plug but, when all things are said and done, it might turn out to be a good thing for many the money stopped flowing so freely.

Looking back on the culture of young online millionaires celebrated by shows like 2M 2MM it's hard not to see a bit more menace there than it seemed at the time.

Seemed kinda funny, sure, but even the four protagonists might look back on it with a bit of regret now:

3) White Magic White Magic White Magic

Want to know what goes through the minds of the game's best players at the tables?

We found out at the 2013 WSOP APAC with help from Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Greg Merson and the at-the-time-much-more-elusive Phil Ivey:

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