Daily 3-Bet: High-Stakes Politics, Owning Antonio, Tickle No-No

Esfandiari 2
Owned by Perkins in this one.

The PokerListings 3-Bet is a quiet handshake, a private text and a cushy leather seat waiting for you in the afternoon poker news 13-game mix.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find some new skill requirements for the best high-stakes poker players, Bill Perkins explains his prop-bet dominance over Antonio and Melanie Weisner gets an unwelcome overture.

1) DNegs: Best Player = Relationship Maker

Not that this is an obstacle we'll ever face but a new blog from Daniel Negreanu explaining how the high-stakes cash games work at Aria, Bellagio and in Macau is pretty fascinating nonetheless.

Daniel Negreanu3
It's who you know.

Some key takeaways if you're looking to get in the $1.5k/$3k game at Bellagio, for instance:

  • First 8 players to show up get a seat. Next person is first on wait list
  • $30K cap makes game play like hybrid of limit and no limit
  • Cap handcuffs you when it comes to bluffing
  • Bellagio game rotates a mix of 13 games

At least you can get in the game, though, if you've got the buy-in.

At other rooms, like Aria Negreanu says, it's not quite as easy.

And the true top poker player these days is the one who can get a seat.

"No longer is the best poker player the one who makes the most money. The one who makes the most money is the one who works on relationship building away from the table to put themselves in situations where they can either A) get invited to lucrative games, or B) run the game themselves and choose exactly who does, and doesn't get to play."

Check the full post here.

2) Perkins: "I Thought I Had a Massive Edge"

Bill Perkins
Prop bet maestro.

The Antonio Esfandiari lunging/peeing under the table debacle from the 2016 PCA drew plenty of headlines obv. Not much, however, was heard from Bill Perkins - the mastermind behind the excruciatingly tough prop bet.

Perkins is pretty infamous for his irresistible props but took it to another realm with this one, pushing Esfandiari to his limits and ultimately resulting in him getting DQ'ed from the tournament.

Speaking with Card Player Perkins explained how the bet came about and, unsurprisingly, how much of an edge he felt he had:

"I knew, from going to the gym and doing lunges, once you sit down and then you have to lunge to and from the bathroom during breaks, it would interfere with his [PCA] main event. He had a plan for that.


"He had towels and a water bottle for him to relieve himself without having to get out of his chair. It was pretty much impossible for him to play the tournament and lunge back and forth to the bathroom, and lunging in the bathroom would have been a disaster.


"So, I think Antonio got a little myopic and didn’t look at the big picture of what was going on here and what he would have to do to win the bet."

Perkins ranks it as one of his biggest edges ever - right up there with the "no sex for a year" bet Esfandiari bought out of in 9 days. Check the full post here.

3) Guys, Don't Do This

Pretty self-explanatory, really.

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