Daily 3-Bet: Happy GPL Ending, Lucky PH Logo, 300 Mannequins

Unibet pulls off Mannequin meme.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a heavy trophy, a heartfelt team hug and all the joy you deserve winning the first-ever afternoon poker news championship.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Pascal Lefrancois upholding shirtless tradition, Phil Hellmuth goes full logo and Unibet goes deep on the Mannequin Challenge.

1) No Shirt Shall Pass

The Global Poker League final last night was really fun, hey?

GPL 2016 final hand
The ringer.

Going down to the wire with the Montreal Nationals pulling out a 6-5 win over the plucky Berlin Bears, it finally flashed a lot of the potential many thought it would show in its inaugural season.

The stream peaked at 6k viewers, which was a nice jump, and with a good mix of playfulness and serious poker it was much closer to the "pokertainment" dream CEO Alex Dreyfus has been pushing all year.

It also, as Mike "Timex" McDonald put so well, really helped push poker back towards to joy of competition rather the lining of the pocketbook. With some big new improvements planned for Season 2 we really look forward to what's to come.

In the meantime, though, the Nationals will have bragging rights as the first-ever GPL champions and, in fine tradition begun when Pascal Lefrancois won his first bracelet in 2010, the shirtless winner photo lives again. God bless and behold!

Pascal LeFrancois
The original, for reference.

2) Phil Hellmuth Goes Full Logo

Did you know Phil Hellmuth has his own official logo? And that we've only been seeing a small portion of it on his hats? God bless and behold - the full logo revealed!

3) 300 Unibet Poker Mannequins + Bucharest Live Stream!

You know who's doing a ton of fun stuff these days? Unibet Poker

Besides, you know, reshaping its entire platform to support recreational poker players and launching its new 2.0 software they're also making sure players win cool stuff and have good fun.

The 28-day Trip Around the World you can win on January 7 is a good example as is their Unibet Open live experience currently playing out in Bucharest, Romania.

Along with the super fun Ladies Battle Royale on Wednesday and full live stream of the main event today and all this weekend, it somehow managed to coordinate (and knock out of the park) this 300-person Mannequin Challenge.

More power to you, Unibet. We appreciate the work you're putting in for poker players to enjoy the game to the fullest. Check the Challenge and live stream below!

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