Daily 3-Bet: durrrr’s $20m Hand, Totti = Poker Degen, Poker > Chess

tom dwan 2
You lost how much??

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is that lonely pawn that made it all the way to other side of the board to be crowned the king of the mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we find confirmation of Tom Dwan losing a $20m pot, Francesco Totti plays online poker all night and poker taking over chess in Russia.

1) $20m durrrr Pot Confirmed

Ever had the misfortune of losing set-over-set at your local home game? Well that’s nothing: Tom Dwan once lost $20,000,000 in a set-over-set catastrophe.

Dan Cates
Dan Cates has seen things.

Feel free to take a few deep breaths now.

Of course that’s been a rumor for years but Dan “Jungleman” Cates confirmed it in an eye-opening AMA he did with PokerVIP.

According to Cates it was a dry board and he didn’t know the other player but the pot was, “…something like $20m USD.”

Pretty damn sick.

Cates also responded to a fan who asked him about the “durrrr” Challenge.

Cates said that Dwan has acknowledged that it’s been too long, there likely should be penalties in place, and they plan on discussing it soon.

Be sure to check out the entire AMA right here.

2) Francesco Totti Plays Poker All Night, Scores

You can count Francesco Totti as another one of the famous footballers who loves a turn at the felt.

Francesco Totti

Apparently Totti got into a verbal altercation with his Roma coach Luciano Spalletti last month after staying up all night playing online poker before a game against Atalanta.

The game finished in a 3-3 draw but Totti and Spalletti argued on the field.

Totti wasn’t the player who was caught playing online poker all night as defender Kostas Manolas and midfielders Miralem Pjanic and Radja Nainggolan were in on the action.

The story has a happy ending, however.

Earlier this week Totti came off the bench to score two goals in four minutes to save Roma against Torina. The other Roma goal came from Kostas Manolas who also played online poker the night before the Atalanta game.

So in other words: you should just play a lot of online poker because you’re practically guaranteed to score goals.

3) Bloomberg: Is Poker Killing Russia’s Chess Star?

Anatoly Filatov 1297 cropped
Russia's Anatoly Filatov

Bloomberg published a really interesting article today about whether poker is changing the Russian chess landscape.

Russia has obviously had a love affair with Chess that dates back to the USSR era with grandmasters like Garry Kasparov.

These days it’s all about poker pros with big stars like Anatoly Filatov, Andrey Pateychuk and Vladimir Troyanovskiy.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two games, however, is the amount of money at stake.

There’s much more money to be made in professional poker and chess players have flocked to the game in hopes of cashing in.

Of course there’s still one big obstacle for online poker in Russia: the game is technically illegal.

In fact the Russian government is currently contemplating building a legal, regulated gaming platform so that it can cash in on tax revenue.

It’s going to be very interesting to watch the poker landscape change over the next few years in Russia.

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