Daily 3-Bet: Dans Raise $210k, Beth Shak Coaching, Seinfeld Reads

Jerry Seinfeld Poker Tell

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like a hit TV show that will never, ever leave syndication in the mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Dan Smith and Dan Colman’s charity efforts, Beth Shak resurfacing and poker tells according to Seinfeld.

1) Smith, Colman Raise $210k for Charity

Dan Colman 2
Good-guy Dan.

Who says poker never did anything for anybody?

Dan Smith and Dan Colman have been running a charity drive for the last week and tallied up the final numbers last night.

It turns out the Dans raised $210,000 for charity. That includes $70,000 that was donated by people and another $70,000 that Smith and Colman matched.

Thanks to a few other organizations doubling or tripling various amounts the total hit $210k.

The money is going towards Against Malaria, MIRI, Massachusetts Bail Fund and Deworm the World.

Pretty impressive drive by the Dans and not a bad way to start off 2016.

2) Beth Shak Now Selling Poker Chips

Beth Shak

Beth Shak was a poker-playing star in the boom period of online poker.

Beth probably peaked when she finished runner-up in the 2007 WSOP $3k NLHE event to Shankar Pillai. That epic final table also included Phil Hellmuth and Brett Richey.

Beth (now divorced from famous poker pro/trader Dan Shak) hasn’t been seen in the poker world much over the last five years but it appears she’s at least still tangentially involved.

She is launching a luxury poker chip set complete with gold-embossed cards.

Interested? She’ll also give you poker lessons for $1,000 an hour and teach you how to meet “Mr. Right” at the poker table (first step: get away from the poker table).

H/T to Matt Glantz.

3) Soul-Reads According to Seinfeld

You ever notice that legendary sitcom Seinfeld referenced poker and specifically tells quite a bit?

So did Reading Poker Tells author Zach Elwood.

Elwood made a compilation of the various psychological observations and reads made by Jerry, George and Elaine and uploaded it to YouTube.

It’s pretty great and honestly more informative than some poker strategy videos we’ve seen.

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