Daily 3-Bet: Boeree Breakup, BulletsTV, Chainsaw Signed

Liv Boeree
It's easy to understand why Kevin MacPhee is upset.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a winding, weaving storyline bringing multiple subplots crashing together to create a mind-blowing poker news climax.

Today in the 3-Bet poker's favorite power couple Liv Boeree and Kevin MacPhee appear be on the outs, Allen “Chainsaw” Kessler gets the recognition he so sorely wants, plus the first episode of a brand new poker-themed crime drama called Bullets.

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1) Kevin Macphee Announces Split with Liv Boeree

Judging by Kevin MacPhee's recent Twitter activity his long-time relationship with Liv Boeree is kaput.

MacPhee let loose today with a series of tweets announcing that Boeree broke up with him upon her return from a weekend trip to Ireland.

Perhaps going further than is advisable in the interest of discretion, MacPhee nevertheless defends his decision to put it all out there on Twitter.

2) Chainsaw Finally Getting the Respect He (Thinks He) Deserves

Allen Kessler has officially joined the 30-strong group of poker players sponsored by the still-mysterious IveyPoker.com.

Better known for his opinionated personality and self promotion than his $2.6 million in tournament earnings, Kessler will be sporting an IveyPoker patch when he makes his next min-cash deep run.

Allen Kessler
Tim Tebow takes a knee. Allen Kessler face-palms.

Jokes aside, Kessler is a fixture on the live tournament circuit and has a voice in poker in forums and social media which makes him a more understandable choice than some of the other IveyPoker pros.

The announcement was made with the kind of awkwardly-worded hyperbole we've come to expect from IveyPoker press releases:

Needless to say, Allen’s live poker tournament statistics effortlessly make even some of the best poker players drool. With his vast experience and incredible poker skills and knowledge, one can only help but wonder what we can expect from this outstanding pro within the near future.

The “Chainsaw” is by no means a player to be taken lightly, and one can only have mercy for any poker players who find themselves in the unfortunate spot of being his opponent.

3) BulletsTV Rolls Out New Poker-Themed Crime Drama

Poker web series are all the rage these days and hot on the heels of Game Theory comes a new show titled Bullets.

Written and directed by Ty Leisher, Bullets tells the story of two bank employees who attempt to parlay a robbery into massive poker profits.

Already two episodes in Bullets does well with the non-poker scenes but struggles when the action is on the felt. If you can get through the opening home-game sequence you'll be rewarded with a bit-part by poker pro Ali Eslami and some decent production values.

Check out the first episode below and go here to find out more.

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