Daily 3-Bet: Blom Thrills, Lederer Bakes, DNegs Faced

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel "The Face" Negreanu? Not too far off.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a cupcake, a round of "He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and an FTP-balance goody bag at the afternoon poker news birthday party.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Viktor "Isildur1" Blom doing some dazzling multi-tabling, Howard Lederer celebrating his 50th birthday with some audacious cakes and Jason Mercier thinking it's about time Daniel Negreanu got a nickname upgrade.

1) One Table of £100k, Five Tables of $200/$400?

So you're Viktor "Isildur1" Blom. Perhaps the most legendary online poker player of all time. And one of the most aggressively loved players in all of poker.

You're in the middle of a $5m upwing over the past couple of months and basically online playing the toughest games possible all day, every day.

What do you do to awe your fans yet again? Buy in to the £100k Alpha8 London Live Event and multi-table online right in their faces. God bless Isildur1.


2) Lederer Celebrates 50th Birthday with Many Large Cakes

Howard Lederer: Still just 50.

So ... Howard Lederer is only 50 years old? Maybe it's just the heavy drag of time over the past couple of years but somehow it seemed he was already much, much older than that.

Fifty does sound about right but "The Professor" has no doubt felt the ominous march of time since Black Friday moved through him like a giant, agonizing kidney stone.

Given the recent start of FTP's repayment process for US players the worst time in Lederer's life is likely coming to a close so what better way to celebrate than with a cake-filled party in Las Vegas.

Lederer's 50th passed somewhat uneventfully considering the still-palpable dislike for him in the poker community although some pictures - including one of a poker-themed cake - surfaced to show he's still doing things in over-the-top FTP style.

While most of us also might see what happened as a chance to distance ourselves from the past by the looks of the cakes it seems poker's still a real touchstone for Lederer -- and he's sticking with it for the future. H/t to 2+2 user stonesfcr for the image upload.

3) Mercier Suggests Negreanu Nickname Change to "The Face"

While we love a nod to tradition in poker there's something about the nicknames of poker's most famous faces that feels, so, well 1998.

The Professor. Back-to-Back Flack. The Master. The Mouth. The Unabomber. The Poker Brat. The Shark. Texas Dolly. Kid Poker.

Kinda feel like a time in poker that's passed - and, for the most part, possibly better forgotten (Doyle gets a pass, though).

Perhaps feeling the same thing PokerStars pro Jason Mercier has a new suggestion for at least one of those old standbys:

We're not 100% on it (and Scott Seiver says it's already taken by Ilan Boujenah anyway) but it's definitely pretty apt. And we can definitely get on board for a few nickname upgrades.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Feel free to get the discussion going in the comments.

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