Daily 3-Bet: Blitz Loses $2.5m, Phil Ivey House, Mo Money Mo Problems

Phil Ivey
His house is nicer than your house.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a shrewd course in money management to help overcome the volatile nature of the mid-afternoon poker news world.

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In today’s 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Faraz Jaka dropping a truth-bomb on the poker world, Phil Ivey’s pool party and Dan Bilzerian’s ridiculous loss at the tables.

1) Faraz Jaka Teaches Poker Economics 101

Faraz Jaka
Nifty and thrifty

It’s safe to say the time where you just assumed a poker player actually kept all their winnings is officially over.

Earlier this month Faraz Jaka did a great interview with iGaming.org where he talked about how the “baller” poker lifestyle is essentially a façade.

If you follow poker for any amount of time you’ll quickly run into stories about all the top pros being busto. It’s not just gossip. Many pros with huge scores have quickly burned through all their winnings thanks to fast lifestyles.

Jaka is one of the biggest earners in the history of poker and, after a year on the poker circuit where he spent exorbitant amounts on hotels, taxis and food, he admitted he had to rethink his spending habits.

The San Jose native also recently started his own website where you can hear even more of his views on poker and even gets some tips. Here’s a good passage from one of his first articles on the site:

As for young players, my advice is to take everything you read online or see on TV with a grain of salt.

Probably a good idea to listen to the guy that has won over $6 million playing poker.

2) Dan “Blitz” Bilzerian Loses $2.5m in High-Stakes Aria Game

One guy who apparently doesn’t need to follow Faraz Jaka’s bankroll advice: Dan Bilzerian.

The noted poker player, and son of ultra-wealthy corporate takeover specialist Paul Bilzerian, Tweeted a photo of one of the biggest stacks we’ve ever seen this week apparently worth $2.5 million.

He lost all of it, according to the Tweet.

We’re assuming the photo was taken during the huge $2k/$5k NLHE game that has been running at Aria this week with Tom Dwan, Richard Yong and Andrew Robl allegedly involved.

Anyways want to see what $2.5 million looks like? Note the $100k chips on the left...


3) Phil Ivey Pool Party Runs into Rain Delay

Want to see a photo of Phil Ivey’s house?

Of course you do. This isn’t MortgageListings.com.

Well you’re in luck because Daniel Negreanu sent out a quick photo from Phil Ivey’s fabled Las Vegas residence earlier this week during a thunderstorm.

There isn’t really a lot to see other than a sweet pool and a large number of women. Kind of how we imagined it actually.

If you look really closely you can see Phil Hellmuth driving this in the pool.

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Graham 2013-08-27 16:06:56

nice use of facade

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