Company given green light for wireless gambling in Nevada

International Game Technology (IGT), a company that make slot machines and provides casino services, was approved Thursday by Nevada regulators for licensing allowing them to manufacture and operate mobile gambling systems.

The Gaming Control Board recommended that IGT be granted a license, and the members of the Gaming Commission voted unanimously to approve the company.

IGT is the second company to be granted a license for mobile gambling systems. Nevada law passed in 2005 allowing mobile gaming in the state.

The law allows wireless gambling in any public area of a casino, including restaurants, lounges, and poolside. However, mobile gambling systems can't be used in hotel rooms or any other unsupervised areas, and can't be used outside the casino property.

Players will be able to play all sorts of casino games using the devices. It's also possible they'll be able to establish betting limits in advance by depositing money on account. For security purposes, the devices will also be linked to a main casino server that verifies the gambler is the person who checked out the device at the casino.

The company is still looking into ways to make sure the right person is using the device and ensure that minors don't use them to gamble. Possible solutions are biometric fingerprint readers or security codes. Representatives from the company said that though they're doing everything possible to ensure only adults use the systems, they can't control adults who may hand off the devices to minors.

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