Chad Brown Awarded Honorary Bracelet by WSOP

Chad Brown
Chad Brown in 2013.

For the first time in history the WSOP awarded a gold bracelet to a player that didn’t technically win it in a tournament on Saturday. No one complained.

That’s because it was being awarded to long-time, highly-respected poker pro Chad Brown. 

Brown has been fighting a battle with cancer over the last year. The struggle got worse recently when he was put in hospice care.

“Sometimes there are special people that come around and transcend that traditional score card,” explained Jack Effel in his speech.

Celebrated in the poker community for his generosity and good nature, Brown has had a whale of a poker career with $3.6 million in lifetime earnings and numerous accolades.

The only thing Brown was missing was a WSOP bracelet and the staff decided to rectify that today.

“I know many of us feel blessed to have crossed paths with Chad Brown,” he said.

“It now seems a certainty that Chad will never play in the WSOP again or any other tournament. So today the WSOP family would like to award Chad an honorary bracelet.”

False Death Reports Dominate Twitter

Doyle Brunson

Unfortunately Brown’s special presentation led to some confusion on Twitter when various people thought he had passed away.

Doyle Brunson exasperated the situation when he Tweeted that Brown had died.

Poker players began to memorialize Brown en mass but Beau Eurell, a close friend of Brown, corrected everyone stating that Brown was still alive in a hospice in New York.

Apparently Brown even saw the bracelet ceremony and nodded with happiness.

Brunson apologized for the confusion and said he heard it from various players at his table.

It was a particularly dark mistake because earlier in the day missing poker player Johannes Strassman was confirmed dead.

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